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Our AI Platform mimics the human ability to read & analyze information but does it 6,000 times faster

Do You Remember Everything You Learned From Day One?

Information Overload Negatively Effects The Way Businesses Run

I’m sure if you are like us, you don’t remember everything you were taught in high school, college or even the first day of a new job! Think about all the information you are exposed to on a daily basis; can you quickly recall and identify the most important information from last week?

Nowigence is proud to introduce Pluaris, an AI-platform that combs through massive amounts of internal and external data to give you the most-relevant and most-meaningful data to you and your organization. Pluaris references information you teach it and cross-references internal intelligence from other employees as well as external data from over 170 thousand other sources.

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"Comprehensive market studies are not really available for our niche. Most of the relevant business intelligence that we need is typically embedded in press releases, web postings, articles in trade magazines and conference reports. We are using Nowigence to comb through all possible available external information sources to build up our institutional knowledge on the overall market size, identify emerging opportunities, and competitive threats. As such it has been aiding in prospecting and providing market insights for our business plan."

– Director of Global Sales

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