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Strategic Risk Management

for Businesses 

By distilling, quantifying and connecting content from thousands of interrelated news items Nowigence creates a real-time, client specific risk profile and early warning system. 

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What is Strategic Risk?

Strategic risk management is a process of identifying, assessing and managing the risk in the organization's external environment, marketplace and business strategy. It involves evaluating a wide array of marketplace events that affect the strategy and its execution and impacts the company's value. 

Mostly, management focuses disproportionately on financial risks because they are readily identifiable, simple to quantify and amenable to mitigation.  However, financial risk comprises only 10% of a business's risk profile.  Strategic risk is attributed to nearly 60% of all risk factors and the single largest force in enterprise value erosion.  The remaining 30% is operational marketplace risk. 


The Facts
 Strategic Risk Accountability
Focus on Strategic Risk
Source: Lam, J.” Strategic Risk Management: The next frontier for ERM” (2016). Retrieved from

Nowigence categorizes strategic risk elements into 12 distinct classifications, under the three main headings:

Marketplace Risk Factors- Demand, Competitive, Supply Chain, Innovation, Legal/Regulatory, and M&A. 

Management Related Risk Factors- Reputational, Leadership, and Shareholder.

Business Continuity Risk Factors- Sociopolitical, Safety, and Cybersecurity.  


How Nowigence Helps

Strategic Risk Management (SRM) has limited value unless the company has a robust procedure for monitoring, feedback, and action. Strategic risk management must be an ongoing, and continual process. External risks are constantly evolving, which means an organization’s strategies may need to evolve as well. 

In the last two decades, companies have invested millions in extracting, storing, tracking and trending data from within their firewalls. Internal risk factors (integrity or EHS or technological) are often treated as compliance issues and are managed by creating internal rules and policies. However, external risks are episodic. External or strategic risks are constantly evolving. To prevent potential impact on earnings, enterprise value from adverse business decisions, or lack of response to industry changes, businesses need to monitor their marketplace daily to identify and evaluate how events, scenarios, and forces of change impact their business performance and strategy.

With Nowigence, leaders employ an enterprise-wide approach to risk management, designed to reduce the probability of assumed and unassumed risks associated with their marketplace operations and strategy execution.

Our Solution

By distilling, quantifying and connecting content from millions of news items across thousands of sources.  Nowigence creates a real-time, client specific risk profile and early warning system.  A system that empowers our customers to see around corners and sidestep fatal strategic errors, while uniting teams around fact based, business growth and risk mitigation plans.      

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The Fallout 

Without proper external or strategic risk management system

If Nowigence's platform was available back in 2007 when Apple introduced the first iPhone, then Blackberry could have anticipated and managed the external risks associated with the smartphone era better and avoided losing as much share and enterprise value to Apple’s iPhone as history reflects.

  • Apple introduces world's first smartphone (iPhone) in 2007 
    • Blackberry's response in a conference after the iPhone launch: "We'll be fine."
  •  Post iPhone introduction:  
    • 2009- Blackberry valued at $55 billion with almost 50% market share 
    • 2011- Blackberry valued at $6 billion with almost 3% market share

Nowigence would not have allowed this to happen.    Learn More

Who We Help

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Sales & Marketing 

Give customer centricity a whole new meaning with a complete understanding of all relevant market ecosystem risks.

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Risk Officers

Bring an external-in lens to risk management, providing a broader & deeper perspective on risks affecting your business.  

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Gain full visibility into all potential disruptions while becoming experts beyond Tier 1+ of your supply chain.

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Strategy & Growth Officers

We link risk officers with strategy teams.  Risk is the essence of growth, if managed and evaluated regularly.

The Nowigence Advantage

"Managing and mitigating risk is a necessity for survival, driving a company’s success in this diverse, competitive and fragile marketplace." 

Nowigence offers something its competitors cannot, i.e., risk management for the largest challenges a company faces.   We replace outdated approaches to risk mitigation with processes that effectively measure, manage, and mitigate market & strategic risks across your business on a daily basis.


The Benefits include:

  • Prevents costly or even fatal business mistakes
  • Superior returns for business strategy execution
  • Holistic across business – unites teams and impact cost effectively
  • Builds shareholder confidence
  • Support audits with traceable external risks
  • Significantly improves market capitalization by executing properly planned opportunities at risk


Know Risks with Nowigence
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