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Real-time Qualitative Insights

Nowigence proprietary Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Deep Learning platform delivers systematic and continuous monitoring, extraction and trending of market information for tactical and strategic decisions

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The Problem

The volume of information and velocity of business today make it impossible for humans to synthesize and draw reliable conclusions across all but the narrowest of subjects.        

Challenged Sales, Marketing and Purchasing Teams

Researching using search engines is repetitive, laborious, duplicative. Nowigence keeps users informed for better planning, negotiations and timely actions.

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Lack of Institutional Memory

The ability to store and maintain historical knowledge is difficult. Nowigence proprietary AI platform captures and stores events relevant to businesses, occurring either in the external world or internally generated.

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Disjointed Systems

Important pieces of information lie scattered across different information management systems. Nowigence can integrate with internal systems to create an Early Warning System for its clients.

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Our Solution
Scour nearly 80k public, private and social information sources across the globe.
Harness deep learning and NLP tools for managing, understanding and connecting massive volumes of unstructured news content.
analytics (8).png
Identify and connect emerging trends and technologies, new competitors, industry shifts and disruptions, and political movements.
analytics (9).png
Unite teams on one SaaS based platform utilizing leading data visualization tools.
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Nowigence in Action

Gain Customer-Centricity

Monitor customer activity across 70 categories including deals, investments, innovation, and legal to better know what they are up to.

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Enlightened Negotiation 

Knowledge about events in the marketplace helps users address key issues, prioritize them and then negotiate for a better outcome. 

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Tracking Competition

Anticipate rather than react, track the competition to help predict their next move.  

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Identify Emerging Risks and Opportunities

Nowigence’s capability to scan and monitor marketplace events on an ongoing basis, creates regular, high-quality and evidence-backed reporting.

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The Value We Deliver

Research Efficiency
New Prospects Identified
Reduction in Forecasting Errors

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