Extract the Future from Text using Artificial Intelligence

Problems We Are Solving

Information Overload
2.5 GBs of data is created daily. Of this, 90% is qualitative, or textual and transcript-based. A survey from SailPoint Technologies states that 71% of enterprises are struggling to manage data. Is yours?
Textual Data Lies Scattered and Unorganized
Qualitative data lays scattered, and unorganized in most organizations. The manual process of analyzing this data is costly, distracting, and takes time away from actually achieving business objectives.
Missed Market Risks and Opportunities
Market intelligence is mostly textual. It is built over time through networking, reading, listening and experience. However, you can’t manually track everything, which prevents businesses from fully knowing what is happening in their market. Missing the cues at the right time can be costly.
Ineffective Decision Making
It is never one factor, but a combination of many, that enables you to foresee events with your associated risks and opportunities. This helps you to better prepare and plan for the future. However, manual data analysis can be flawed and biased, which leads to poor decision making when planning for the future.
Artificial Intelligence + Business Solutions

Market intelligence is mainly textual or transcript-based data. ArtemisTM automatically reads, comprehends, and organizes data so that you don’t have to.

SolomonTM is designed to be the “Google” for business professionals. SolomonTM is a detailed Question and Answer tool capable of delivering answers to business questions in seconds.

PluarisTM, our flagship product, combines data extracted from text with industry data sets (e.g. econometrics, trade statistics, financials etc.) to provide a comprehensive and in-depth analysis in “real-time”. This allows you to see various evolving scenarios and be better prepared to meet future risks and opportunities.

What Makes Nowigence Different?

Risks and opportunities are hidden within text. We are more granular and comprehensive when identifying both major and minor entity categories and events. This allows us to capture topics that are sparsely represented but important to businesses.
While many machine learning models are trained off of standard data sets, we offer parameter optimization to our clients at a user-level for tailored predictive models. Our platform is designed to take care of such a process automatically. Our state-of-the-art automation allows you to upload your own intelligence. Your feedback and comments are also integrated to retrain our active learning models for better decision making.
Institutional Memory
We develop an institutional memory tailored to you that is updated daily by scouring through the world of press and media. You can also augment the memory by uploading data directly from your work areas. Web browsers cannot do this. This capability allows us to benchmark the past and predict the future through data more accurately.
There are many other Machine Learning and NLP applications, however many depend upon manual work in order to deliver the end results. We are fully automated. Our NLP platform is more comprehensive for you in both business and open domain.
Artificial Intelligence + Institutional Memory
100  +
Business Events Monitored
150  K
Global Sources
6000  X
Faster than humans

“‘I joined General Electric during their early days of globalization and held varying roles in different European countries. The Internet was in its infancy stage but at the cusp of growing during the 1990’s. Facing communication and language barriers, I managed to become closer to my market and customers by manually extracting relevant content and connecting bits and pieces of knowledge into an excel spreadsheet, using it as a tool when conducting business. This strategy not only ignited me creatively, but it made me objective, and helped build my credibility with non-English speaking clients, ultimately increasing GE’s overall value as a company. Looking back at my experience, and fully recognizing that Machine Learning and NLP techniques are relatively new and still evolving, I started Nowigence because artificial intelligence can help automate the work that I did manually.”

-Anoop Bhatia

President & CEO

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