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Extract the Future from Text using Artificial Intelligence

Problems We Are Solving

90% of Data is Qualitative
Qualitative, or textual and transcript-based, data makes up the overwhelming amount of data lying scattered and unorganized within our digital world.
Reliance on Data
Many companies today, across multiple sectors, depend on using qualitative data for monitoring, and staying ahead, of changes to their external marketplace.
Inefficient Processes
Capturing, storing, and leveraging data manually, has historically been problematic for businesses, due to its sheer magnitude and lack of automation. Manual organization of textual data is scattered, sporadic, error-prone, omitted from data analytics, and costly.
Ineffective Decision Making
As the volume of relevant data continues to grow, so does the amount of time and resources businesses spend manually organizing it. This process, that includes preparing and analyzing data, can be flawed and biased.

Solutions We Are Providing

Future Planning

Harness the power of AI for the purpose of building trends, predicting future scenarios, benchmarking solutions, and staying ahead of future risks and opportunities.

Decision Support

A decision support system to combine data and robust insights for better and faster decision making.

SMART Alerting

Early detection of business anomalies supported by data that can illuminate new opportunities or risks.


Develop effective quarterly/annual business targets utilizing updated, downloadable reports across various interests such as companies, products, industries and more.

What makes Nowigence different?

Comprehensive Platform
Our software platform uses artificial intelligence to capture and analyze qualitative data from various source types using an automated process. ​It then converts the data, delivering business-relevant outputs, and benchmarking, allowing users to objectively anticipate future risks and opportunities. ​
Institutional Memory
Our platforms not only analyze external data, but allow users to upload internal documents and transcripts, providing the system with segments of information integral to building accurate predictive models and detecting risks and opportunities. All of this information is captured and stored in the platform's institutional memory, and remains there, for any business or individual to maximize its outputs for years to come.
Business-specific Q&A Tool
We've developed a question and answer tool capable of delivering answers to specific business questions in seconds. Traditional search engines do not always provide specific answers and may require users to read information from various sources and spend time analyzing the results. We provide more than just answers. Our platform analyzes both the question and the answer for relevant companies, people, and geographies mentioned.
100  +
Business Events Monitored
150  K
Global Sources
6000  X
Faster than humans

What our Clients are Saying

“I like the Pulse Alerts and enjoy reading your comments about various future scenarios”

Owens Corning

“This keeps us prepared; sales part is good and can be taken as talking points for further actions”

Tech Mahindra

“The future trends have come out well”

Club Mahindra

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