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The reason is that most data is text-based. It comprises of over 60% of the 2.5 quintillions bytes of data generated daily. Traditional techniques are to read manually and organize or ignore due to the lack of time. This slows the pace and is very laborious and biased. Our competitors are keyword based. This narrows the usability of software applications. It is frustrating to talk to Siri, Cortana, Alexa or digital agents in Customer Service. They do not understand you out of context (keywords).

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Advancing Tech through Linguistics

Nowigence is a tech company that specializes in training machines the skills of comprehending human languages syntactically. With the advent of fast-paced industries like autonomous vehicles, Crypto, Blockchain, IOT, AI, space travel, and others, it is almost a necessity that Man communicates directly with software applications in their own languages.

Our View on Data Science & NLP

Since 2017, Nowigence has been working with leading thought leaders specializing in the interface of linguistics and computers to teach machines linguistic skills mimicking the way that we, as humans, learn language skills. Languages are creative – there are many ways to present our thoughts. This makes it difficult for machines to grasp the context accurately. This is the reason why applications with just keyword training will fail. Nowigence has created Pluaris – an advanced data analysis platform to help you in comprehending data, whether text-based or numerical, or technically, unstructured or structured.

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Our Technology

Pluaris specializes in reading and comprehending data, analyzing cause and effect, identifying benchmarks and measuring performance against them,  tracing and linking intelligence by topics, extracting critical intelligence, alerting, answering questions on-the-fly, and synthesizing outputs. This saves each employee an average of 2 hours per day. It accelerates the pace of business resulting in revenue growth and increased profitability.

The data science that you know is mostly with structured data as advanced statistical techniques helps you understand your data. With Pluaris, you can combine the power of real-time textual analytics with structured data analysis. The comprehensive view of data helps you make more productive and profitable decisions.

Our Solutions

Do you want to read more to learn more in less time? Do you want to empower your team with tools that analyze both structured and unstructured data together? Do you want to save over 50% of your time in researching for information or analyzing it?

Pluaris serves individuals, teams, and enterprises. It offers solutions for B2C and B2B segments. We learn a common plane of languages until High school. Then we learn to specialize in different disciplines and continue to learn the jargon of our trade. Pluaris has been created to adapt to your jargon and specialized use of linguistics quickly. It is as much a product as it is a process of gaining knowledge. Being a “process-oriented” application, it quickly learns from your techniques and traces your behavior smartly to deliver you value during the next turnarounds. Pluaris is cloud-based, offered off-the-shelf on subscription, that is useful from day one.

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Better Tech Means Better Intelligence

Soon every device, platform, vehicle, and machine will operate through human language. We are committed to leading the forefront of this revolution by consistently evolving our technology to deliver cutting-edge solutions that give our customers a competitive advantage.

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We are a team of business performance experts, committed to providing innovative technology to our customers using data science and AI. We focus on making each customer successful by simplifying how they manage their data and turn insights into results.

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Reduce resolution times and deliver higher accuracy rates to your chatbots with our advanced CX platform designed for contact centers.

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An education platform that is changing the way students gather intelligence, collaborate with peers, interact with teachers, and improve learning.

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An intelligence platform designed for those who want to avoid manually reading and interpreting an overwhelming amount of data.

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