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 Stop Reacting and Start Anticipating

Market Risks & Trends


External and Strategic Risk Management Platform for Global Businesses with 360-degree, outside-in market perspectives

The automated, daily updating tool delivering tailored external risk insights to help you predict where your market is going, reduce risk, & make better, data-driven decisions.   

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Nowigence's Insight™ leverages technology to

automate the processes of obtaining market insights.

By distilling, quantifying and connecting content from thousands of interrelated news items Nowigence creates a real-time, client specific risk profile and an early warning system.   
search (1).png

We search, identify, and consume large amounts of client specific data every day to seperate relevant news from the noise, to bring forward and store actionable information relevant to your business.  

Artificial intelligence and big data analytics techniques like NLP and machine learning allows us to extract critical data from over 10 million news items & social media to give structure to unstructured data.

During our system's search, key concepts are recorded & tracked. Risks are assigned a criticality score to help you prioritize emerging market and growth-related risks. Alerts are sent promptly for highly critical risks.

We become your constant monitoring, measuring, managing, and risk mitigation system, helping you make sense of complex external risks.  

Our platform leverages proprietary advancements in technology to string interrelated news items together to give you the answers you need when you need them and tell you the story of where your market is going. 

Users spend their time taking action rather than laboriously searching for insights with straightforward reports, data visualizations and storyboarding.

Insight™ allows you to see around every corner and sidestep strategic errors, weather the storm, and beat out the competition.  Start anticipating market trends and risks as you pursue growth targets. 

A centralized source of risk intelligence updating daily to unite teams around fact-based risk mitigation & growth plans. 

Insight™ systematically organizes unstructured and scattered marketplace data in order to relay it to our clients in meaningful ways to ensure real-time visibility into their external market and growth risks. 

How Insight™ keeps you in the know:  

  • Automated Risk Reports at the click of a button 
  • Key Concept Tracking indicating the direction of your market, competitors, customers, supplier and more
  • Custom Risk Scoring System helping you lead strategic discussions as you pursue growth targets
  • Global Best-Practice Sharing to save costs, time and leverage accurate insights for problem solving
  • Automated Alerting/Signaling to serve as your early warning system
Click here to learn more about Insight's outputs
What is Strategic Risk Management?

Strategic Risk Management is a process of identifying and monitoring external risks, measuring their potential impact, managing strategies accordingly, and mitigating the potential effect of external risks. However, external market risks are scattered, episodic, and caused by many actions & various agents often outside of the control any one organization.

Lacking a product to monitor, track and trace external market risks and opportunities, leadership focuses more on financial risks as they are easy to quantify, visible and auditable. Without visible and trackable data on external risks, management’s deep confidence in their judgments is often at odds with reality.  

Teeter totter-1.png

External marketplace and strategic risk intelligence lie fragmented, scattered and is not retrievable for analysis at any time.  These methods allow external risks to be underplayed while opportunities are often overstated- the reason for 7 out of 10 investment projects failing to provide adequate returns.  We help clients win by automatically monitoring their marketplace and exposing hidden risks hurting their ability to reach growth targets.  

With Nowigence, leaders employ an enterprise-wide approach to risk management, designed to reduce the probability of assumed and unassumed risks associated with their marketplace operations and strategy execution.

Nowigence categorizes strategic risk elements into 12 distinct classifications, under the three main headings:

Marketplace Risk Factors- Demand, Competitive, Supply Chain, Innovation, Legal/Regulatory, and M&A. 

Management Related Risk Factors- Reputational, Leadership, and Shareholder.

Business Continuity Risk Factors- Sociopolitical, Safety, and Cybersecurity.  


Our Solution

Our product's system empowers clients to see around corners and sidestep fatal strategic errors, while uniting teams around fact based, business growth and risk mitigation plans.      

 News Items Daily
 Tweets per Day

Who We Help

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Sales & Marketing 

Drive stronger relationships and give customer centricity a new meaning by directing conversations around their current and pressing pain points.

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Risk Officers

Trends proven over time say more than data points. Bring an external-in lens to risk management and focus risk plans around data-driven forecasting. 

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Supply Chain Management

Anticipate potential disruptions while becoming experts beyond Tier 1+ of your supply chain to improve negotiations and avoid budget overrun.

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Strategy & Growth Officers

Leverage global best practices and daily updates for problem solving and to lead strategic planning discussions.

The Nowigence Advantage

Nowigence offers something its competitors cannot, i.e., risk management for the largest challenges a company faces.   We replace outdated and scattershot approaches to risk mitigation with a product-based approach that effectively measures, manages, and mitigates market & strategic risks across your business on a daily basis.

  • Monitor, measure, and mitigate risks in over 40 risk classes.
  • Update trends daily, present visually appealing risk reports.
  • Research/ answer questions within your marketplace.
  • One integrated platform, eliminating multiple risk spreadsheets and systems.
  • Connect/storyboard risks and their impacts over time.
  • Role-based marketplace news and system dashboards.
  • Extract, trend and relay data to predict risks and opportunities.
  • Many up-to-date reports or alerts developed for your sales, planning, marketing, finance (risk), strategy and planning groups.
The Benefits Include:
  • Prevents costly or even fatal business mistakes
  • Superior returns for business strategy execution
  • Holistic across business, uniting teams around evidence-based growth and risk mitigation plans
  • Building shareholder confidence
  • Support audits with traceable external risks
  • Executing properly planned opportunities while weighing calculated risks


Know Risks with Nowigence
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