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Pluaris is a cloud-based knowledge management (KM) tool created for those who want to advance their competence and competitiveness with the power of intelligent reading while searching for information.

It accelerates the pace of problem-solving and decision-making.

           Pluaris                           Features:

What is Pluaris?

Pluaris works 24/7 reading and analyzing relevant content as it is being created in various public and private data sources on topics that one reads either because one enjoys them or because they need to know the information to fulfill job tasks or other responsibilities. To know more in detail do watch this recent interviews of CEO Anoop Bhatia.
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Who Uses Pluaris?

Pluaris generates a trove of critical conclusions to assists individuals, teams, and organizations to quickly build expertise. We serve knowledge workers in sectors like mining, manufacturing, service, technology, non-profit, scientific and educational institutions. We work with service providers who make Pluaris a part of the IT Ecosystem of an organization, replacing keyword search boxes with an intelligent search that synthesizes intelligence from various data sources during the search.

What Does Pluaris Do?

Pluaris opens relevant files stored in tools and databases to which it is integrated. It uses Machine Learning (ML) and natural language processing (NLP) techniques to analyze the content. Data is transformed, linked, taxonomized, and optimized for storage, analysis, synthesis, and retrieval. Pluaris provides precise answers to questions asked, analyzes different perspectives, discovers new connections, and creates organized and nested notes. It allows teams to work collaboratively from anywhere in the world to share and draw informed conclusions.
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What are the benefits of using Pluaris?

Pluaris distills knowledge from hundreds or thousands of files in seconds rather than manually reading from one source at a time.
Our users claim that they save a minimum of one hour per workday.

What are the tools that Pluaris integrates with?

Pluaris uses APIs to integrate with Cloud Data Storage tools (like One Drive, SharePoint, Google Drive, and Dropbox), Customer Relationship Management, CRMs (like Salesforce), Instant Messaging Apps (like Slack), Customer Experience Desk and Call Center (like Genesys), and Office Tool like Office 365 to name a few.
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Why was Pluaris created?

In the modern world, we consume a tremendous amount of content that we read or transcribe for both personal and professional use. This need is met with exceptional challenges due to: 
Information Overload: Too much of information on any topic is available and continually generated; far more than our capacity to consume. 
Pervasive Distractions: In the era of modern technology, new inputs such as instant messages, e-mails, social media and short attention spans often lead to the disregard of information considered too long and complex to read. 
Highly Imperfect Human Recall: Information that is read is easily forgotten and, while key insights may be retained, the details are almost certainly lost.
Data Sharing/Translation: Working in teams often finds colleagues researching the same content and other times information acquired by one individual is lost in translation when communicating with others.

Other Key Considerations:

Pluaris is designed as a user-friendly platform, requiring no technical expertise or extensive training while avoiding structured or rigid methodology. 
Pluaris is adaptable to the unique needs by which individuals absorb knowledge and may be utilized across a variety of different functions and sectors.
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