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    Making Data Consumable

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    Discover New Opportunities

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     Uncover Signals Through the Noise

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    Unity, Among Business Teams

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    Always Fresh, Updated Daily

The Problem


No business intelligence platform is available to timely and effectively capture, store, track, and analyze trends for external market insights.

Scattered Data

Thousands of news sources, company websites, industry publications, blogs, and millions of tweets and social media posts provide rich but scattered sources of external market data.


Our Solution

Static Reports

Companies pay thousands for market research reports that are far too generic and obsolete upon arrival.

The Advantages of Nowigence

A comprehensive, business-wide 360-degree market insight and competitive intelligence platform that is updated every day:

  • Data is collected from over 8M news items published daily across the globe from more than 60,000 sources - paid, web, blogs and social media.
  • Research is conducted on over 50 topics critical for business decision-making.
  • Insights are extracted to populate a tailored market insight platform specific to the client’s eco-system consisting of their customers, competitors, suppliers, products, applications, industries and markets.
  • Intelligence collected from the media can be combined with insights collected by the client’s commercial team when interacting directly with companies in their ecosystem.
  • An automated analysis of each news item is conducted on whether it poses a risk or provides an opportunity and is presented clearly and effectively to help teams evaluate the full impact.
  • News is connected in a unique way to provide signals for evolving problems or to identify solutions from within the client’s market intelligence platform.


Nowigence simplifies even the most complex markets with easy-to-interpret visualizations. We capture the data and develop the market platform so that you get the advantage of making smarter business decisions.


The Benefits of Nowigence


Our tailored platform finally provides the ability to track and trace, validate trends and drive balanced decision-making with cross-functional teams.


A market intelligence platform that lays down the risks and opportunities over time helping you to better develop tactical and strategic plans.

Case Study Image 1.png


Easy to search and understand data for your marketplace, updated in real-time.



Ability to make smarter decisions about resourcing, strategy, and growth using validated data and trends developed over time. Win more, win together

Use Cases

New Call-to-action


Acquire new customers faster by providing timely solutions and benefits.

New Call-to-action


Track what customers are thinking and the direction they are taking through an in-depth daily analysis.

New Call-to-action

Planning and Strategy

Gain the agility and confidence needed to make critical business decisions with conviction.

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Become experts beyond tier 1 of the supply chain and identify potential risks before they take effect.

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Social Services

Monitor relevant events and trends globally regarding social issues.             

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Risk Assessment

Uncover potential threats to people, property, data, facilities, product disruptions, and supply chain with real time alerts.


Our Solution

Insight™ is a tailored market insight platform that collects relevant, unbiased insights on your marketplace, giving you access to a customized market intelligence platform that is tracked and updated in real-time .

News Items Daily
Economic Indicators
Market Insight Platform

Speed, Connectivity, and Knowledge with Insight™

Let's Get Started