Extract the Future from Text using Artificial Intelligence

What do We do?

Advanced NLP and Machine Comprehension

Automatically encode, store and analyze massive volumes of textual (unstructured) and numeric (structured) data. Plus, synthesize unstructured and structured data whether from within your firewalls or outside it for powerful data intelligence.

Enterprise solution tailored to meet your individual needs

Information has limited value unless it is relevant to you. Imagine a platform that delivers tailored insights from the minute you set it up. Upload your own documents and transcripts or integrate with your current IT systems and processes.

Anticipate your future through data

We extend your individual memory and that of your company’s daily. Benchmark, identify risks and opportunities, build alerts, print dossiers prior to your internal or external meetings, plan with various scenarios and be plan-ready always.

Problems We Are Solving

Information Overload
2.5 billion GBs of data is created daily. Of this, 90% is qualitative, or textual and transcript-based. Is this data organized for you? This data, when properly delivered to you, increases your effectiveness. Otherwise, the overwhelming data causes problems in decision-making.
Human Ability to Retain Information
The human ability to retain information over time requires encoding, storing and retrieving. Miller’s Law suggests that the number of objects an average human can hold in working memory (known as memory span) is between 5 and 9. With limited human memory retention, it is almost impossible to organize, store and retrieve the massive amount of available business intelligence. Those who depend solely on their own memory to make informed decisions, face a higher likelihood of missing risks and opportunities.
Inadequate Problem Solving and Risk Management Processes
Opposite to information overload, but equally important, is organization underload. The lack of technology solutions aiding in information acquisition, content extraction, organization, retrieval, and presentation may result in never seeing the systemic causes, and instead facing one problem after another. Jumping from one fire to another impedes the organization’s ability to properly investigate various scenarios and develop risk mitigation strategies for future plans. It keeps organizations in a reactive mode rather than proactive.
Lack of Knowledge Transfer Processes
Knowledge is power. With the workforce becoming tech-savvy and the new trend of switching career paths frequently, it now becomes even more important for organizations to retain knowledge using artificial intelligence to develop an effective knowledge transfer and training platform.
Artificial Intelligence + Business Solutions

ArtemisTM automatically reads, comprehends, and organizes data so that you don’t have to.

SolomonTM is designed to be the “Google” for business professionals. SolomonTM is a detailed Question and Answer tool capable of delivering answers to business questions in seconds.

PluarisTM, our flagship product, combines data extracted from text with industry data sets (e.g. econometrics, trade statistics, financials etc.) to provide a comprehensive and in-depth analysis in “real-time”. This allows you to see various evolving scenarios and be better prepared to meet future risks and opportunities.

What Makes Nowigence Different?

We are more granular and comprehensive when identifying both major and minor entity categories and events. This allows us to capture topics that are sparsely represented but important to businesses. Go past your data hunt into using the right data, using a multitude of innovative tools provided by us to make you effective.
While many machine learning models are trained using standard data sets, we offer parameter optimization at a user-level for tailored outputs defined to meet your individual needs. Our active learning platform adapts every day automatically to meet your changing needs. Our state-of-the-art automation allows you to upload your own intelligence or integrate with your systems like CRM, customer issue resolution, business planning, field technology, and other interface platforms.
Institutional Memory
Information collected from the web is sporadic, discontinuous, and does not lend itself to systematic analysis unless a manual process is set-up to track changes. We develop an institutional memory tailored to you that is updated daily by scouring through the world of press and media. You can also augment the memory by uploading data directly from your work areas or integrate our platform with your systems and processes. Our goal is to eliminate the need for web browsing for business professionals. It empowers you to deliver results at the highest level of your effectiveness - always.
There are many other Machine Learning and NLP applications, however many depend upon manual work in order to deliver the end results. We are fully automated. Our NLP platform is more comprehensive for you in both business and open domain.
Artificial Intelligence + Institutional Memory
100  +
Business Events Monitored
150  K
Global Sources
6000  X
Faster than humans

“I joined GE during their early days of globalization. I took up different roles in various non-English speaking countries in Europe. The Internet was in its infancy but growing in the 90s. To assert my leadership, I got closer to my market and customers by manually extracting relevant content and connecting bits and pieces of knowledge in an excel spreadsheet. It not only helped in developing solutions to meet new customer needs but also in achieving goals on growth and profitability. Machine Learning and NLP techniques are still new and evolving. I started Nowigence because A.I. can not only automate the work that I did manually but can raise the knowledge bar many notches.”

-Anoop Bhatia

President & CEO

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