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Perfect for life-long learners who don’t have time to read

Pluaris is a hyper-learning tool, developed by Nowigence to reinvent the way humans find, interpret, and recall information they wantPluaris is the driving force behind today’s transformation to learn more in less time. 

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Leading the Learning Revolution

Understand it Faster

Get key ideas from documents or web articles in seconds, not hours.

Link This to That

Connect key themes for more in-depth knowledge.

Find it Easy

Quickly search through “your brain” to recall intelligence.

Get Past “Let Me Do Some Research”

Move knowledge forward at work, home, and everywhere in between. 

Content Overload in Today’s World

There is undoubtedly an abundance of information available to us, but the downside is we don’t always know what will be the most important or have the greatest impact on your day. The number of choices we have can leave us feeling overwhelmed, and in some cases paralyzed. In other words, we can take the time to read something or we can choose to ignore it. 

Pluaris, in essence, is a productivity tool that helps identify the right information. It automatically navigates through every bit of information available on a topic to deliver summaries and key points so that you can gather the right knowledge quickly. 

student overwhelmed reading information on computer
Research assistant being used by legal professionals

Beyond Google Search

Manual searching and researching is a thing of the past. With Pluaris, you plug in a topic of interest and our platform continuously tracks and analyzes every piece of information it finds, without you lifting a finger. Imagine no longer spending countless hours typing in hundreds of searches or manually reading pages and pages of information. Pluaris bring clarity to the overwhelming amount of information available today.

Unlike keyword search, we have designed Pluaris to understand sentences grammatically through word pairing and linking. This AI technique, called Natural Language Processing, or NLP, is how Pluaris determines the context of the information you feed it. In other words, we’ve taught Pluaris to understand language the same way humans learn language.

Build Your Brain

Just like a human brain, the more you use Pluaris the more powerful it becomes. Adding new information through notes or web search, provides Pluaris the intelligence it needs to determine better links between information that’s important to you and becomes even more accurate at delivering you the best content. 

Unlike a human brain, Pluaris doesn’t need to rest to continue to function properly. Pluaris recalls research and notes that you created months or even years back. With one simple search you can determine if that content is still relevant and compare old information versus new information. 

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Quick Pricing

Pluaris is a web application that can be used on your computer, tablet, or mobile device through an annual subscription.

Detailed Pricing Page (Coming Soon!)

Pluaris Basic

$ 8
per month
  • Upload Text Files
  • Upload URL's
  • Upload from Google Drive
  • Monitor Unlimited Topics
  • Automatic Summaries
  • Automatic Key Points
  • Smart Search (Ask Me)
  • Cross-Compare Documents
  • Notes (Notebook)
  • Reports (Report Builder)

*Current students ($69 Annually)

Pluaris for Teams

Chat with Sales
  • Tabulated Data (CSV, Excel)
  • Integrate Business Apps
  • Share Institutional Memory

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