The Sales Intelligence you Need to Help Close Deals Faster

Are you spending too much time...?


Developing a communication strategy when meeting clients


Looking for answers scattered across emails, notes, and files


Qualifying and pursuing new leads


Researching your customers, prospects, and competition


Managing all the information updated and shared internally


Nowigence provides a personalized AI platform enabling sales reps to answers questions like

How do I reduce time on customer-centric research?

How do I make sense of all this data?

How do I identify the right opportunities?

How do I prioritize this lead?

How do I find relevant communication points?

How do I engage at the right time?

Uncover Intelligence

Identify new opportunities with timely Sales Signals on your customers and prospects.

  • Prioritize opportunities objectively to increase win percentage
  • Effectively manage complex customer and internal communication in real-time
  • Gain an advantage with personalized market and competitive intelligence
  • Position opportunities with key points of differentiation

Develop Centralized Sales Intelligence

We constantly develop your extended and company-wide memory which we call an Institutional Memory.

  • Automatically update your memory with both internal (transcripts, emails, conversations) and external (press releases, blogs, social) sales intelligence
  • Raise your level of intelligence – share tribal knowledge with peers
  • Retain intelligence to learn from history
  • Reduce time and effort spent onboarding new sales reps

Improve Customer Centricity

Accelerate the customer buying cycle by providing the timely insights they need to make informed decisions.

  • Benchmark best practices to learn the drivers of buyers dynamics
  • Use the benefits of institutional memory to retain knowledge even with sales reps turnover or job rotation
  • Integrate other platforms and multiparty collaboration for smoother coordination

Engage With Confidence

Engage with confidence armed with automatically generated Touch Points to be used when communicating with your internal and external customers.

  • Reduce non-value added data gathering and meeting preparation time by over 80%
  • Build customer confidence by anticipating needs
  • Improve forecast accuracy of client demand
  • Personalize messaging to deepen client relationships
34  %
Higher team sales quota attainment
24  %
Better individual quota achievement
23  %
Higher lead conversion rate
84  %
Improvement in productivity

“I started my career as a sales rep in the mid-80s. At that time, the pace of business was slower. Twenty years ago, we did not have chat, the web was small, social media did not exist and audio recording was limited. Not anymore. Now sales reps work in a digital era where more data is available than they can manage. Staying abreast of all internal and external intelligence to help them succeed is a task by itself. We utilize AI to fill the gap. Their market intelligence is enriched in real-time to help them achieve their goals by continuously grooming leads, strengthening their relations with clients and setting future targets with confidence.”

President & CEO

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