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You can spend time reading information to gain knowledge from one source at a time or you can get Pluaris and gain knowledge from hundreds of sources in the time it takes to tie your shoes.

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Does information overload bring stress, and the feeling that no matter how much you try, there is still so much you don’t know?

Nowigence app to fight information overload

Discover What You Never Thought Was Possible

Uncover nuggets of intelligence buried deep within massive volumes of data to help you build expertise on one or even multiple topics.

Fight Information Overload

Cut out the noise with topic monitoring; Pluaris automatically extracts important information on every topic you’re monitoring without you lifting a finger!

Nowigence uses Pluaris to gather information quickly
Nowigence's platform Pluaris helps you learn more in less time.

How We Are Different

Pluaris is designed to be used from day one, with real-time information retrieval to make sure you never miss any piece of intelligence.

Pluaris adapts to your ever-changing needs with our state-of-the-art no code editing, giving you the flexibility to improve and tailor your results without hiring data scientists!

Move Knowledge Forward With Pluaris

At Nowigence, we’ve broken Pluaris into 6 components to deliver speed and accuracy when distilling knowledge from massive amounts of information.
All in one easy-to-use platform to assist you with exploring your data.
#1 Diversified Inputs
Pluaris organizes structured (tables) and unstructured data (text and images) to find you the information you need no matter where it's located. Then that data is analyzed to find key insights, summaries, and nuggets of intelligence.
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#2 Automatic Information Retrieval
Pluaris accesses over 170 thousand public sources and all your connected systems and databases to extract intelligence from everything related to topics you are monitoring. This information is processed in real-time so you save tons of time compared to manually reading information separately.
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#3 Data Processing
Pluaris reads and comprehends content by opening millions of documents in real-time and extracts key summaries in seconds. Then it builds connections between topics, during reading, which makes Pluaris become extractive and interpretive when distilling knowledge from information.
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#4 Data Exploring
Pluaris gives you the capability to quickly get answers that you won't find on Google and drill into data that builds up everyday. In many cases you will want to compare information: through benchmarking you can easily identify similarities and differences to know where you need to go next when thinking through an idea.
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#5 Intelligent Outputs
Pluaris offers the convenience of getting daily reports sent directly to your inbox! You can determine the frequency and level of detail that will help you understand the topics you're monitoring. Get the most out of Pluaris by logging in every day to see your analytics, easily create notes on any subject, and stay in tune with everything you're tracking.
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#6 Share & Collaborate with Teams
Pluaris Teams is a great way to continually build your team's shared brain and make sure no one is stepping on each other's toes when it comes to researching or working on projects. Our sharing and collaboration features work dynamically across platforms, so you can share notes, documents, or any intelligence you've found. Once shared with someone, they can see what information is being updated, can add comments, or work on information gathering together.
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A Powerful AI Platform from Nowigence

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Discovery Awaits

2.5 quintillion bytes of data are created every day – why not learn more in less time?

Pluaris Teams, developed by Nowigence

Pluaris For Teams

Stop Doing The Same Work Twice!

We make it easy for small or large teams to share knowledge and collaborate.

With an institutional memory shared across your team, each member will be able to add intelligence to “one brain” so that no one is ever doing the same work or gathering information someone has already explored.

Unlike other productivity tools out there, Pluaris streamlines the way your team finds, extracts, recalls, and uses intelligence to make decisions or complete tasks. Our proprietary natural language processing techniques make searching, organizing, and understanding information easy.

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