Information is a business’s most valuable commodity; it can’t be ignored. But, the growing amount of information is making it nearly impossible to keep up.

By teaching computers to read, Nowigence takes the anxiety out of too much information.


Suffer From Information Overload?

Information overload occurs when you have too much information to read about an issue or topic, hindering your ability to effectively make decisions and reducing productivity.

Sound Familiar?

Because of this, you expose yourself and your business to:

Missed Risks and Opportunities

Being unable to manually manage information prevents businesses from identifying hidden risks and opportunities.

Inefficient Processes

Information is largely textual, which is difficult to manually organize and make sense of at scale.

Cost Overrun

As the amount of information grows, so does the amount of time and resources spent manually organizing, preparing and analyzing it.

Missed Goals and Objectives

The manual process of cleaning data is distracting and takes time away from understanding how it impacts your business objectives.

Poor Business Planning

Manual data analysis can be flawed and biased, which leads to poor decision making when planning for the future.

Nowigence Reads While you Sleep

Our AI platform Pluaris™ can read information 6000X faster than a human. Our proprietary AI engine automatically turns lengthy notes, transcripts, press and media, reports, and emails into high quality summaries. Quickly get to know the key facts hidden within information, saving a boatload of reading time.


Nowigence Comprehends Data in Real-Time

Our AI platform Pluaris™ comprehends information from over 170k media sources and can be integrated with internal tools like CRMs, Email, and Team Collaboration tools. The information is automatically organized for you into business relevant categories. Pluaris™ also extracts insights from both structured and unstructured text, providing a unique influx of intelligence not already known to you.

Nowigence Provides an "Internal Google"

Our AI platform Pluaris™ can answer business questions asked in natural language. It provides the benefits of premier web search engines like Google or Bing inside your business and more. But, the power of Google stops at your firewall. Pluaris™ creates a “google-like” AI platform allowing you to analyze data not only from public sources but from your standard workflows used internally by you.


Our Unique Solution


Intuitive set-up tailored to meet your specific needs
- User-defined, user-controlled
- Setup within 24 hours
- Automated Upload from myriads of sources for the last 30 days after set-up
- Track Performance with metrics useful for you

Data Input Sources

Daily Automated Updates

- Google Chrome Extension, easily upload intelligence anywhere
- Gain High Relevancy - replace web searches with feed from over 250,000 reliable press & media sources
- Financial Analysis
- Quick Description of companies, people, and locations identified within a question/answer
- Integration with other IT tools/platform you - integrate Pluaris into your workflow

User Convenience

- Business Decision-Support System - provides specific answers in real-time processing information
- Mobile Friendly

Business Performance

Overall Product Features

- Comprehends textual data - speed reads at 6000-times faster than humans
- Content Summarization - presents key highlights of any input stream
- Natural Language Querying - replaces key word searches with the more productive and specific natural language querying
- Virtual Assistant that has ready answers pre-, during and post meeting, automated dossier creation
- Benchmarking - compare scenarios on various topics
- Generates reports across multiple topics instantaneously, sends to email as per requested frequency
- Event Categorization - organizes content into business relevant categories e.g. legal, investment, pricing, innovation, and others
- Problem solving - Ability to answer recurring business questions around events
- Reminders & Notifications - Set reminders and be notified of important misses
- Aggregates and monitors trending of topics over pre-defined period

Smart Alerting

- Industry Data Monitoring - automated information extraction; useful for quarterly, annual and strategic planning
- Risk and Opportunity Identification - reads every sentence, identifies risks or opportunity, if any; assigns a priority score