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Our AI cloud-based SaaS product, Pluaris™, reads and comprehends big data in real-time and saves you the headache of reading, searching, and understanding the overwhelming amount of information thrown at you every day.

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Our AI Software

At its core, Pluaris was developed to understand human language grammatically, so its widely used across many different industries. However, we’ve packaged specialized AI capabilities into different products specifically designed for Education, Customer Support, Manufacturing, and Information Gatherers.

Quick to Deploy

Our AI software is ready to go from Day One; you don't have to wait 6-9 months on a custom development project to get the output you want.

Get Speed

Ingest and digest data at the speed of machines rather than our human rate of data intake at 250 words per minute.

Reduce Workload

Let ML and NLP help you understand the contextual component of human languages to assist you 24/7

Easily Trainable

Easily train Pluaris to understand your domain knowledge and industry jargon.

Privacy and Confidentiality

All traffic between users and Nowigence servers are fully encrypted using the industry standards.

Information Retrieval

Is your data scattered across many internal data systems? Integrate all tools with Pluaris. Use a combination of search techniques – semantic and keyword to retrieve precise answers.

Get Answers

We, as humans, ask specific questions as we analyze data. Pluaris has “Ask Me” and “Benchmark” to find answers. Ask Me returns a precise answer to specific questions, while Benchmark allows you to find intelligence on the same topic.

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Team Sharing

Pluaris allows a group to work together as they solve problems. Key functionalities like summarizer, cause and effect analysis, key insights extractor, and risk analyzer increases effectiveness.


Automatically checkmark relevant key points to push content to a smart notebook feature. Build knowledge daily by topics. Quickly build presentations and reports for internal or external use.

Knowledge Bank

Information is stored within the “My Memory” feature of Pluaris to build knowledge daily. Human memory is short. Prevent knowledge erosion even as people change positions or leave.

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Trusted by 5,000+ users within companies and organizations of all sizes


Nowigence's signature AI solution, Pluaris™, is both flexible enough to solve your unique business challenges and can increase employee performance from Day One.


Pluaris reads, extracts, analyzes, and presents large amounts of data in one easy-to-use platform regardless of the sector.


Our AI solution is highly proficient at extracting user-specific data, reducing the amount of time sorting through irrelevant information.

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Use Cases For Pluaris

Nowigence AI techniques were created to mimic the way humans comprehend and analyze data, giving Pluaris the flexibility to quickly scale to any type of business or industry.

Improve quality care and reduce costs

With Pluaris, Healthcare experts streamline processes, standardize treatments, and automate administrative tasks.

Boost Critical Thinking and Performance

With Pluaris, Educators accelerate data analysis, reduce research time, improve critical thinking skills, and increase individual performance.

Streamline customer experiences

With Pluaris, Banks speed up processing times, reduce errors, and more accurately determine rates for business loans and account applications.

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