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Extract the Future from Text using Artificial Intelligence

How does Nowigence Help?

Always be Prepared
Nowigence monitors the global marketplace for various market events and economic factors, both past and present. Utilizing AI, Nowigence analyzes and benchmarks this data to predict future outcomes and help businesses decide the best course of action.
Gain a Competitive Advantage
In today’s global environment, outpacing the competition involves businesses moving in the right direction from the beginning. Nowigence monitors and benchmarks market intelligence to predict expected market changes in the times ahead.
Increased Data Accuracy
Since everyone thinks differently, today's businesses can suffer from various versions of the truth. Nowigence analyzes data and presents it in its accurate, unbiased form.
Faster Decision Making
Manually gathering, organizing, processing and analyzing data is time consuming and repetitive. Nowigence helps business make faster and more effective decisions by analyzing their risks and opportunities automatically.

Scenario Detection

Harness the power of AI and benchmarking of past events to detect future market scenarios.

Decision Support

A decision support system to combine data and robust insights for better and faster decision making.

SMART Alerting

Early detection of business anomalies supported by data that can illuminate new opportunities or risks.

Custom Reporting

Updated, downloadable reports across various interests such as companies, products, industries and more.

What makes Nowigence different?


Textual data comprises 90% of all digital data. By combining data extracted from text with numeric data like financials, future prediction is not only more accurate but is responsive to market changes.


Nowigence uses Artificial Intelligence to uncover hidden patterns of information that empowers businesses. Utilizing machine learning and natural language processing, Nowigence automatically extracts and synthesizes text into actionable data.
100  +
Business Events Monitored
150  K
Global Sources
600  X
Faster than humans
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“I like the Pulse Alerts and enjoy reading your comments about various future scenarios”

Owens Corning

“This keeps us prepared; sales part is good and can be taken as talking points for further actions”

Tech Mahindra

“The future trends have come out well”

Club Mahindra

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