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Find Answers In Your Data

Automatically retrieve, interpret, and summarize massive amounts of data for quicker decisions while reducing errors and increasing the pace of business

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Traceable, Explainable, and Versatile AI

Our AI software Pluaris™, can read and comprehend data, including unstructured (textual or conversational) data automatically using state-of-the-art Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Machine Learning (ML) technology.

Our Differentiation

Until now you have mostly used the power of machines to analyze structured (numeric or financial) data. Yet, most data used by businesses is unstructured. Pluaris has the precision and relevancy to discover, extract, summarize, organize, interpret, and present decisional intelligence – anytime, anywhere from both structured and unstructured data.

Who We Are?

Nowigence is the leading provider of the world’s first fully automated contextual AI software, who partners with Orion Innovation (“Orion”), a premier global business and technology services firm. Together, with a team of over 4,100 associates, we serve Fortune enterprises and high growth companies with over 200 employees in digital transformation, data unification and AI-based data comprehension to serve a multitude of use cases in real-time.

For Data-Driven Decisions


Businesses rely on Pluaris to work even while they sleep to keep them ready with briefings to take-on the business day – talk points, alerts, meeting preps, risk and opportunity assessment across agenda topics.


In the last two decades, the amount the data and the number of IT tools used daily by users has increased exponentially. See how easy it is to set Pluaris to help you get 30% more from your work day – get your 9 to 5 back.

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Let’s Chat!

Our software can be used for any industry and role. Let’s see how Pluaris can meet your needs.

“Nowigence has powerful tools for our sales teams. Over the last 5 years, we have come to rely on the product to get AI-based interpretive intelligence in real-time on topics of interest to us and our clients. Training machines with human-like cognitive capabilities to assist business professionals in decision-making is difficult and complex. I am impressed with the progress that Nowigence has made. I expect them to advance AI ML/NLP techniques to usher the knowledge era for the business world.”

-CP Gurnani, CEO and Managing Director

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“We have been using Pluaris – the AI Insight Engine developed by Nowigence since early 2017. Over 175 rainmakers in Tech Mahindra use the Engine daily to hone their expertise and knowledge. They win with clients, both existing and new, as they are able to grasp client’s issues holistically. Pluaris delivers what it promises of comprehending data using machine learning and natural language processing to gain human-like interpretive intelligence in real-time.”

-Jomon Joseph, Head of Business Enablement

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“AI is revolutionizing the global business landscape and our partnership with Nowigence will enable Orion’s clients to incorporate a unique AI and machine comprehension technology as part of their digital transformation efforts.”

-Satish Kumar, EVP Sales and Strategic Partnerships

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Nowigence is a confluence of the best in people, process and AI technology. They have a product that quickly fits the working life of a business professional.

Shyam Kapur, Founder & CEO TipTop Technologies ; Previously led research and development teams at Yahoo!, Adchemy (acquired by Walmart Labs), Alta Vista (acquired by Yahoo!), Infoseek (acquired by Disney)

Tip Top Technologies, Inc.