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Our team of experts have spent countless hours exploring everything that’s frustrating about chatbots today and we’re flipping the script on what it means to be a chatbot.

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What's Most Important to YOU?

Customer satisfaction is your number one priority. Your performance is measured on resolution times and customer feedback. Working smarter, not harder is of utmost importance to you and having the right information is key.

Customer Satisfaction is most important to me!

You need to know that customers will keep coming back to purchase from you and you know this starts with great customer service. You know there is a cost associated with keeping customers and reducing this cost is one of the best ways to improve your bottom line.

Improving Repeat Business is most important to me!

You know your agents are the first and potentially the last interaction you may have with a customer. Overworked and inexperienced agents can lead to poor customer retention. It’s your job to see that agents have all the tools they need to keep resolution times low and streamline information gathering for customers.

Reducing Agent Workload is most important to me!

Reducing costs and improving revenue is what keeps you up at night. Your frontline agents are an essential piece to increase sales and you know agents perform at their best when they have the right information and can convert customers quickly.

Customer Acquisition is most important to me!

You know that having the most up-to-date and complete information helps your agents perform at their peak. Empowering agents with the latest knowledge is one of the most important ways to reduce resolution times and provide the best customer service. Communication and real-time updates are key!

Augmenting my Agent Knowledge Bank is most important to me!

Upgrade Your Chatbot, Boost Agent Performance, Increase Customer Satisfaction

Where Can I Use Pluaris Resolve?

Customer Chat On Your Website

Customer Support Knowledge Bank

How To Get Started...

Discuss Your Needs

Understanding what's most important to you is our number one priority and we take the time to learn more about the best way to implement our smart chatbot, Pluaris Resolve.

Quickly Integrate Workflows

Pluaris Resolve is ready to rock from Day 1. We'll add your data or integrate with your databases and systems that will give you the most leverage with your customers.

Exceed Expectations

See how easy it is to enrich your knowledge bank, streamline communications, and lock in 5-Star reviews with the help of our advanced technology, Pluaris Resolve.

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I think Pluaris Resolve is great! But I’m thinking about my entire workflow and need something like a Virtual Agent to really nail down my digital care program. Obviously, I want to wow my customers!

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