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AI for Sports

Nowigence offers an AI software, Pluaris™, to improve the way professional leagues process and analyze insurance claims for their players through the Integrity Sports Insurance application.

AI for sports

Dispute Management

Pluaris streamlines the way professional leagues resolve penalties, arbitration, and insurance claims when incidents occur.

Settle Claims Faster

Pluaris minimizes data entry when logging cases, automatically identifying aliases (ex. Matt, Mathew, Quarter Back), and benchmarking similar incidents.

Information Gathering

Pluaris combines data from across various systems into one easy-to-use platform to reduce errors and save time. Be alerted in real-time when new information is available.

Sports diagram for AI software

Key Benefits of Pluaris

All-In-One AI Software

Pluaris extracts information from Integrity databases and compiles it into one case document for easier claim processing. Thus reducing the amount of time and error in manual information gathering, while streamlining the case management and claim process.

Easily Understand Your Data

Our AI software, Pluaris, interprets large amounts of data for you, so you spend less time filtering data and more time getting the job done.

Quickly Find What You Need

Pluaris makes it easy to find the information you need, whether it's a file buried deep within your computer or intelligence scattered throughout the web.

You've Got the Data, Now What?

Within Pluaris you can use dashboards, reports, benchmarking, and notes to seamlessly take the intelligence you've gathered and present it to the right decision-makers.

AN AI platform used by sports leagues

What does Pluaris Solve?

Today's Sports Data Problems

Data Overload

Siloed Intelligence

Scattered Information

Knowledge Loss

Duplicate Work

Let's get a bit technical

When we say sector agnostic, we mean it!

Unlike other AI solutions, our AI techniques were created to mimic the way humans interpret information. Pluaris breaks down every sentence into its grammatical components. This allows users to train machines with their domain expertise faster than competitive products.

Sports Management AI software

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Learn and Refine

Just like any new person or solution being implemented in your business, allow Pluaris little time to learn the lingo and understand what's most important to you.

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