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Our AI platforms help users take a data-driven, knowledge-focused approach to everything they do. Our platforms are powered by our AI engine, Pluaris. And by using natural language processing (NLP) and machine learning (ML), Pluaris enables its users to quickly analyze boatloads of data, whether structured or unstructured, extract actionable insights from all the critical touch points happening within their ecosystem.  If you are overwhelmed with data and experience frustration or a shortage of time to comprehend and analyze data, then Pluaris is your solution.

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Leading the New Technology Era

The last major invention was the Internet in the 90s. This triggered the start of the third industrial revolution. New industries like e-commerce (e.g. Amazon, e-Bay), the cloud (Microsoft Azure, AWS), cellphones (e.g. Apple, Samsung, Android) or 4G Network Providers (Ericsson and Nokia Siemens), social media (LinkedIn, Facebook), streaming (Netflix, Prime), and SaaS (Salesforce) emerged.

Now, we have too much data – the enormity clutters our minds. It slows decision-making and as a result it stunts growth. The industry landscape is expected to go through a major transformation in the next decade – Energy (from Hydrogen), Crypto, Blockchain, IoT, AI, space travel, 5G, Cybersecurity, VR Entertainment, and others. With this magnitude of change in the pace of business, humans will need assistance to read, digest and analyze data at the speed of lightning. This is where Nowigence expects to play a significant role.

Purpose-Driven Data Analysis

We offer differentiation in the three fundamental aspects of any technology solution – Data Input, Data Processing, and Data Output

Data Inputs

We deal with hybrid data to provide you a comprehensive analysis in real-time or as data is updated. Our core competency is with textual data. Pluaris is able to digest structured data and images to present a powerful analysis to provide actionable insights where others fail. With either pre-built connectors using REST API’s with many widely used tools or by configuring REST APIs to connect your software tools, we quickly become a part of your eco system.

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Data Processing

The pillars of our foundation are precise information retrieval engine, extensive and rapid annotation, smart summarization, and interpretive analysis.

Robust Intelligent Search –  A precise intelligence retrieval system that is able to find information within your connected systems used internally or with externally available public information sources. Save 2 hours per day by using Pluaris instead of your current search tools. Pluaris reads inside all documents available to it, ensuring your privacy, confidentiality, and authority to access, to fetch intelligence as demanded by you. Use this functionality during meetings or interacting with customers either on digital chatbots or as virtual agents, or empower any team member who studies, researches or reads a lot.

Smart Annotation – As little kids, we learned through object identification. Our parents were the first teachers. They taught us words and we learned to use words in their right context. Annotation involves labeling words in their context. We have advanced expertise that quickly adapts to your jargon. Unlike our competitors who require more data to train machines, we are able to deliver results in a short time even when data paucity exists. Annotating contextually means that we know the relation between context and hence can provide analytics over time.

Smart Summarization – Everything that we read to provide outputs to you is summarized in ways where you are able to pick up the key insights based on importance and severity quickly. We categorize causes or drivers separately to help you with cause and effect analysis. Deviation of causes from their normal range triggers alerts.

Interpretive Analysis – We have built an array of capabilities centered around innovations in Auto Machine Learning, Data Unification, Data Science, and Natural Language Processing (NLP), all combined with a focus on delivering diagnostic, predictive, and prescriptive insights for researchers, analysts, enterprises and decision makers.

Data Outputs

Seamless Knowledge Sharing – Build smart notes with easy-to-add intelligence from various functionalities and outputs from Pluaris. An in-built directory of associates helps you to share and collaborate outputs in real-time.  Also, drill-down from one topic that the next as contextual linkages helps you to save time in searching for intelligence that you require from a huge repository of stored documents.

Learning Accelerator

An education platform that is changing the way students gather intelligence, collaborate with peers, interact with teachers, and improve learning.

Research Assistant

An intelligence platform designed for those who want to avoid manually reading and interpreting an overwhelming amount of data.

Top Brands Powered by Our AI Platform

Nowigence customers differentiate with their knowledge processing. Pluaris enables real-time, continuous interpretive insights for constant, consistent performance across your business. 

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Our Focus

Industries Benefiting from our AI Platform

The Nowigence line of AI platforms aggregates all important customer data – internal documents, meetings, notes, and external intelligence – into one single platform. We use AI-powered text analytics, with industry leading Natural Language Processing (NLP), to evaluate customer interactions, internal conversations, new or existing documents, and external competitive or informational intelligence. Nowigence gives you timely answers and supporting information in real-time to accelerate decision making. Nowigence AI solutions help retain important information, strengthen communication among team members, and reduce workload.

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