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Use Case: Alerting and Notifications

Target Audience: Users who get alerts or notifications about specific topics they are tracking from publicly available sources and internal systems or platforms

The Challenge:

Most business use some type of tracking or alerting system to keep their ear to the ground when it comes to getting the most up-to-date information on industries, products, competitors, their company, people, or even KPI’s (key performance indicators) around a specific topic. We already get an overwhelming amount of emails delivered to our inbox every day; layer on top of that notifications and alerts and more times than not something important will slip through the cracks. Or we may not act of a specific alert or notification until it’s too late!

notifications or alerts sent to a phone

The Solution:

With our AI alerting and notification platform, Pluaris, employees or teams no longer have to decipher what information is most important for them to act on. And they don’t have to worry about missing items that need further analysis.

Information is gathered and processed by Pluaris, then delivered to key decision makers within seconds. Pluaris has the unmatched capability to get up-to-the date information from external resources, combine that information with internal intelligence and deliver it to users all in one place.

Pluaris has become an effect way to make sure that intelligence is not missed. With an open rate of over 80% within the first 2 hours of delivery, Pluaris Alerts harmonize all of your intelligence in one place and keep users in the know. Businesses are able to analyze critical insights processed by Pluaris, detect shifts in trends, identify outliers, and overlay data on specific topics to assist in impactful decision-making.

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