ArtemisTM automatically reads, comprehends, and organizes data so that you don’t have to. ArtemisTM is the gateway to creating your institutional memory. It improves content management and reduces the time and effort spent onboarding new sales reps.

Institutional Memory

Artemis ingests and stores sales intelligence contained within emails, notes, articles or documents. The intelligence is automatically organized into unique business relevant categories and can be uploaded privately or shared across team members. The uploading and sharing of tribal knowledge across sales reps creates an institutional memory which improves content management and onboarding of new employees.

Pluaris Summary
Artemis + Auto-Summarization

Auto Summarization

Artemis™ takes large amounts of text and shortens it for you, while highlighting major points, in order to provide you with a synopsis that you can quickly read for a more efficient method of discerning information you’re interested in. 

Business Signals

Artemis™ automatically identifies topics and their relations within a large collection of textual data. These signals are aggregated to identify shifts in trends, change in competitors strategy, and more.

Artificial Intelligence Platform + Artemis

Sentiment Analysis

Artemis uses natural language processing to analyze text, in order to determine the attitude or feeling behind it. The sentiment is used as one of the variables in determining future risks and opportunities.

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