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Use Case: AI Auto-Filled Application Forms

Target Audience: Insurance Agents, Customer Relation Managers, Salespeople, Customer Service Agents

The Challenge:

As a customer, one of the worst parts about signing up for insurance, a credit card, applying for a job, or even opening a new bank account is the application process. Some applications have over 100 questions and are repetitive and time consuming. Longer applications are prone to human error and can cost a business considerable time and money when mistakes are made. Answers to many of these questions exist within various systems or platforms within the company or even outside it.

applications filled out by ai powered platform

The Solution:

Companies that use Pluaris are able to fill out 70% or more of the questions they need answers to. Insurance Agents, Customer Relation Managers, Customer Service Agents, and others spend less time manually entering in application data. They quickly gather the remaining information from the customer, saving both parties an ample amount of time and stress. Before submitting the application, agents can quickly verify by performing a quality check of the document. With advanced machine learning and natural language processing techniques within Pluaris, applications are auto filled in a matter of seconds, customer issues are addressed in real-time, accuracy improves, and customers and agents are both left saying, “that was easy.”

Need a Quick Demo?

Dashboard in Pluaris