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It’s All About The Numbers

We simplify the way you deliver the right solution to your customer

Banking, Financial Services, and Insurance

We’ve talked to many companies who have a large, medium, and small asset base. Data science and analytics algorithms focus more on structured (financial numbers) data. Deepening customer relations through advanced know your customers (KYC) briefings and analytics in real-time provides your teams with personalized insights and recommendations for clients. By 2023, the aggregate potential cost savings for banks from AI applications is estimated at over $400 billion.

Nowigence AI Insight Platform


  • KYC: On-the-fly intelligence briefing & action alerting
  • Customer Relations – get precise answers with the snap of your fingers
  • Conversational Banking – Chat with NLP instead of keywords
  • Real-time risk management for relationship managers, analysts and underwriters
  • Digital Transformation – pace-up workflows, leave legacy, time-torn systems
  • Build data-driven decisional support systems