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Our sales intelligence software helps collect, curate, and deliver intel to sales teams to increase win rates

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Developing a communication strategy when meeting clients


Looking for answers scattered across emails, notes, and files


Qualifying and pursuing new leads


Researching your customers, prospects, and competition


Managing all the information updated and shared internally


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Sales Intelligence

Nowigence is a SaaS company that helps sales leaders get better insights and sales intelligence on prospects, clients, and markets through our innovative platform.

The only Sales Intelligence tool with true AI capabilities to automate research and give sales teams a marked competitive edge is here. By combining an Insight Engine, Sales Enablement tool, and Sales Engagement platform (all in one), you can search, collect, curate and analyze your internal and external intelligence easily – and in less than 10 seconds.

Nowigence provides a personalized AI platform enabling sales reps to answers questions like...


The newest sales intelligence tool helping sales reps increase team quota achievement by 34%.

Revolutionary Sales Intelligence:

Designed for Sales Leaders, by Sales Leaders

“I would start an AI company whose goal would be to teach computers how to read, so that they can absorb and understand all the written knowledge of the world.”

-Bill Gates

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