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Increase the Speed of Business

Gather intelligence quickly to make more informed decisions

Business Leaders

With technology increasingly flattening organization structures, business leaders have to prioritize more effectively by focusing on doing the most important tasks that only you can do. Connecting-the-dots within the function or across functions as per your seniority has overriding importance as it reduces the likelihood of missed opportunities or delayed risk mitigation. Creating an institutional knowledge helps to discover, detect, differentiate, benchmark, evaluate options, deliver machine-created decisional boundaries, train new hires, enhance customer service, and drive all functions to hone skillsets to become more competitive and innovative. See how the power of Pluaris can help you embark on the journey.

Nowigence AI Insight Platform


  • Reduce the amount of time spent on meetings, conference calls, and replying to emails by 35% with automated intelligence briefings
  • Reduce non-value-added tasks by over 25% through continuous development of institutional knowledge
  • Gain over 40% in profitability by developing a business decisional support system that is easy-to-use, retrieves intelligence on demand, and assigns probability to various problem-solution options helping leaders to make faster decisions
  • Increase returns on investments by over 50% by objectively evaluating present and future product, market, and BD strategies
  • Increase profitability with deepening customer relations, faster issue resolution, enhanced customer service, and a deep knowledge of their evolving needs
  • Motivate teams, increase time availability for honing self-skills and those of other team members

As leaders of your organization it is imperative to make key decisions with a complete understanding of the situation at hand. With more and more data being produced on a daily basis, organizations are struggling to quickly find, organize, and understand the right data. Our NLP Engine integrates with various IT tools spread throughout the organization and harmonized the intelligence into one easy-to-use platform. With Pluaris leaders exercise more control over their data landscape and increase the speed of business by doing so.

Use Cases:

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Competitive Landscape

Timeliness and accuracy of competitive intelligence can often be the difference between a successful deal and a failed one.

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Get automated sales intelligence to find warmer leads and no longer waste time analyzing the quality of prospects.

Exchange street in NY

Strategic Risk

Failure to effectively monitor all aspects of risk jeopardizes your strategic development and success in the marketplace.