What We Offer

You are an expert of your own-marketplace. Nowigence brings your external environment closer to you, by providing a customized market intelligence and predictive platform. We keep you organized and prepared by connecting signals from combined data streams of public and proprietary intelligence and those that you upload into our AI platform. Use our tools to help you work smarter, minimize unknowns, and face the future with confidence.

Nowigence Benefits

  • Creates a market-focused knowledge platform, where none exists today at an institution or an enterprise-level
  • Builds a system for early alerting of future risks and opportunities tailored to an individual’s roles and responsibilities – keeps them informed and prepared always
  • An individual and enterprise solution to objective and data-driven goal-setting and business planning
  • A novel data input stream to drive accuracy in financial models for setting risk reserves (Banks); and determining demand and price futures indices (Businesses)
  • Provides new prospects and helps individual’s meet their targets on growth, profitability and innovation.
  • Builds credibility with customers, employees, investors and community
  • Accumulates an institutional memory across users securing the availability and accessibility of the information into the future.

Who we Help

Our customers to date belong to the following sectors:

  • Manufacturing
  • Hospitality
  • Food & Beverage
  • Technology
  • IT Services
  • Wholesale Banking

What our Clients are Saying

“I like the Pulse Alerts and enjoy reading your comments about various future scenarios”

Owens Corning

“This keeps us prepared; sales part is good and can be taken as talking points for further actions”

Tech Mahindra

“The future trends have come out well”

Club Mahindra