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Our customer experience platform optimizes the way your digital care team interprets and communicates knowledge to each other, to customers, and to the organization.

customer experience platform for the best customer experience used by digital care teams

Building a Data-driven, Knowledge-focused Experience

A recent Netomi Survey says that 30% of customers will leave a brand and never come back because of a bad experience.  

We’ve found that the most motivated and highest performing individuals are the ones that have access to the most knowledge. Even better, when they are able to find that knowledge quickly, they perform even better. Pluaris CX equips digital care teams with access to the most up-to-date and relevant information and reduces any knowledge gaps typically found among current customer experience products. This means that your agent resolution times are greatly reduced, and you continuously encourage repeat customer purchases through industry-leading customer support.


Virtual Agent

Real-time Q and A

Pluaris CX ensures that all your agents are top performers when it comes to answering customer questions. Moreover, it features real-time knowledge sharing so answers are always the most relevant and accurate. Every Agent can field any level questions they are asked even if that requires seamless connectivity to technical support, sales, product managers, or billing. Managers are able to quickly approve answers to questions, making them instantly available to every agent’s knowledge bank. Real-time Q and A bridges the knowledge gap between customers, agents, managers, and your organization.

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True Omnichannel Workflows

Use of REST API’s that can easily be configured to provide access to SOPs, email, voice, chat, CRMs, and others, allows chatbots and teams to find the right answers fast. Smart notetaking allows sharing and collaborating with an extended team to best serve the customer. Our linguistic training instead of keyword search (as with our competitors) delivers smarter workforce, happier customers, and reduced costs. With our products, reduce Wait Times, improve Resolution Rates, increase Agent Productivity, handle over 25% more calls, and lower Operating Cost.

Smart Knowledge Banks

Unlike many customer experience platforms available today, Pluaris CX extracts the intelligence from internal meetings, documents, and conversations to provides an easy-to-use customer experience solution for your team. We’ve seen that the highest performing agents are the ones that have acquired the most knowledge. With Pluaris CX, each agent is able to become a top performer due to ease of use and information being updated in real-time.

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Seamless Escalating and Routing

With Pluaris CX the customer never has to be routed to a “better” agent. Since each agent is equipped to answer any and all questions that a customer can ask, they never have to wait to get the answers they need. And the customer will never have to be escalated to a manager for approval. Agents can seamlessly get manager approval for issues related to billing, accounts, or special needs without the customer ever needing to talk to another agent.

"Make the customer the hero of your story"

-Ann Handley

Top Brands Rely on Our Customer Experience Platform

Our customer experience platform is the foundation for creating an optimal digital experience for your customers. From small service centers to large contact operations, Pluaris CX expedites the way your organization handles and communicates information needed by agents and customers.

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customer experience platform for the best customer experience used by digital care teams

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