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Use Case: Customer Service

Target Audience: Customer service centers, large or small or businesses with an in-house customer service team.

The Challenge:

One of the biggest challenges that businesses face is how they handle their customer service. One bad experience can be the difference between whether a customer renews at the end of their contract or they move on to one of your competitors. In fact, within the BFSI sector 89% of customers stop doing business with a company after a bad experience. And it can be seven times more expensive to acquire a new customer than to retain an existing one.

Companies struggle ramping up their customer service agents in two areas, onboarding and data management. As a new customer service agent is onboarded, they aren’t fully equipped to answer every question they get. This means that they have to push questions to different agents causing more stress to the customer and longer wait times. With the lack of complete data available to agents at the beginning, they can become frustrated leading to a less enjoyable experience with the customer.

Agent using customer service software to assist customers

The Solution:

Companies must provide their customer service agents with ways to find answers on-the-fly and be able to assist customers as soon as they get them on the phone. Pluaris, our AI customer service software, gives customer service agents the ability to quickly search for the information they need to assist the customer. Our AI-powered solution integrates all the systems within an organization to prevent agents needing to transfer calls to other agents. They can quickly search for the information they need and within seconds the system gives them the answer they are looking for as well as related topics to the question such as additional information, PDF documentation, FAQ’s, and more.

With Pluaris, customer service agents start from day one with the confidence they need to successfully address customer needs. They retrieve all the intelligence they need within a matter of seconds, empowering them to provide excellent customer service. Companies struggling with providing excellent customer service, use Pluaris to onboard new agents quickly, keep their agents engaged, and provide the most relevant answers to customer questions in a matter of seconds.

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customer service agents speaking with customers