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Analysis Complete

Reduce the amount of time researching and more time delivering insight

Data Analysts

Many a time, the slow pace of innovation reflects the challenges in applying big data analytics tools, the lack of tools available to analyze unstructured data using machines resulting in incomplete cause and effect analysis while storyboarding trends and events over time. Pluaris assists data analysts in a variety of ways that makes their job easier, faster and complete.

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  • Reduce the time spent collecting data, both qualitative and quantitative data, by over 30%
  • Discover new insight by adopting computational techniques after automated structuring of unstructured data
  • Reduce time spent in project and team management – motivate team through objectively reviewing gathered research and analyzing data from a common and reliable data set.
  • Build repositories of cause and effect by blending qualitative and quantitative data for benchmarking trends in future
  • Identify anomalies by continuous monitoring and aggregating computation techniques

It’s an analyst’s job to completely understand the data available to them. Organizations are forced to understand their data landscape to stay competitive in their markets. With an overwhelming amount of data created daily, it can be almost impossible to find trustworthy intelligence fast. Our NLP Engine retrieves internal and external knowledge, interprets the findings, and summarizes the most relevant intelligence in seconds. With custom alerting you get a 360° view of any changes to companies, industries, or products being tracking. Data analysts get back to interpreting the data instead of wasting time finding the data.