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Use Case: Data Management

Target Audience: Enterprise Level to Medium-sized Organizations with information spread across multiple platforms and databases.

The Challenge:

One of the biggest headaches for larger organizations is knowing where to find the right information. Finding a single document can become the biggest hurdles of the day for many employees as they search through numerous platforms, folders, shared drives, or intranet sites to find what they are looking for. In many cases, companies are using outdated, on-premise intranet solutions to store this information. What was once a great solution, now has become an out of control data wildfire. Companies find it difficult to maintain and organize the hierarchical layouts as new data is added. Additionally, as the legacy system relies heavily on integrations with external platforms, information and intelligence get lost when connections are not directed to the proper locations.

Even if your organization is diligent about storing all the necessary information under one intranet site (ex. SharePoint), it can still be a challenge to find what you need, fast. Just like one of our major Life Science customers, your employees more than likely use a handful of other IT tools, including Webex, Workday, Salesforce, SAP, Adobe, and Outlook to name a few. Bits and pieces of important information can become lost as more and more tools/platforms are added to a company’s workflow. On average, employees spend about 2.5 hours per day finding the information they need, and that number increases as more and more information is scattered across your organization.

The Solution:

Businesses struggling with data management use Pluaris to harmonize information scattered across different systems, tools, and platforms. Using Natural Language Processing (NLP) searches, users find the information they need in seconds. Traditional keyword-based searches retrieve dozens of files that employees need to sort through to find the relevant information. Pluaris, our NLP Insight Engine, uses multiple search techniques for precise information retrieval. Within seconds, Pluaris reads millions of related sentences and provides the most relevant answer to your search. With on-premise or cloud-based options, it’s mobile friendly design, and role-based privacy and security, users can access the information they need anytime, anywhere without going into multiple platforms.

In business, data drives intelligent decision-making. Without complete data, we can’t make knowledgeable decisions to grow our business. Pluaris delivers increased margins of 6% every year. It increases the efficiency, skills, job performance, team communication and collaboration, and the pace of doing business. Pluaris triggers the shift from an information era to a knowledge era for your organization.

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