Demand Risk

Every organization knows that sales forecasts are not completely accurate, yet these forecasting tools are relied on for the business to determine manufacturing outputs regularly. When sales opportunities are lost at the fault of a surplus or shortage due of goods due to unfulfilled demands, rash actions are often taken exposing organizations to risks.

Additionally, shorter product life cycles, increased globalization, and advancements in technology play a large role in business commercial processes.  Consumers are more empowered now than ever with different options and information, that the quality and meaning of each consumer interaction has become a strategic imperative. 

InsightTM tracks over 50+ risk topics to aggregate, extract and analyze data in a way which provide a robust view of risk intelligence into a company’s customer base.  

What do they really need?  And are there any major shifts in their target audience’s behavior? 

With InsightTM commercial team members are more empowered, equipped to make each opportunity for customer interaction meaningful:

  • Gain better visibility into risks prospects are facing 
  • Track all prospects and their competitors on 50+ business risk topics 
  • Use automated reports to develop individual sales strategies for each prospect
  • Forge stronger relations by relating to current risks prospects are facing
  • Improve sales closure rates
  • Monitor published and social media to assess gaps where consumer needs are not met