Education Assistant Case Study

A unique education platform that streamlines information gathering, knowledge sharing, and fosters advanced learning.

education assistant being used by students and teachers


Pluaris Know brings together the core functionalities of Nowigence’s signature AI Engine, Pluaris, known for its industry-leading machine learning (ML) and natural language processing (NLP) techniques. Pluaris Know has been specifically designed as an advanced education platform built to understand large amounts of information linguistically. In other words, Pluaris Know summarizes documents, extracts key intelligence, and synthesis massive amounts of information for students, faculty, and administrators, so they spend more time learning and less time reading.

The Problem

With the rise of the internet, we have too much data – the enormity clutters our minds. It slows decision-making and as a result stunts knowledge growth. The critical skill for students is not in searching for information, but knowing what information is useful for analyzing. To hone their problem-solving abilities, students need an easy-to-use solution that gives them the capability to easily digest and absorb large amounts of information quickly, then complete assignments through their critical thinking and analytic abilities.

student overwhelmed reading information on computer
AI software, Pluaris, used for knowledge management

The Solution

Pluaris organizes all study material in one’s possession, be it from one’s computer, handouts, notes (private sources), or from the web or information stored in the cloud (public sources). These can be in various file formats like Google docs, PDF, .docx, .txt, .jpeg, .png, .csv, or .xlsx. Once available, Pluaris reads the content like a human, understanding and comprehending all the material. Then it processes the data by summarizing it, extracting key elements, annotating, and categorizing key aspects, linking topics, evaluating risks and opportunities, trending, and building notes and reports. Users can store this intelligence individually or seamlessly collaborate with their remote teams. With precise information retrieval, users can receive answers to any questions in real-time.

Key Benefits

  • Remote Learning

  • Absorb More Information

  • Knowledge Sharing

  • Note-taking

  • Real-time Q&A


Human-like data interpretation by machines in real-time. (accuracy increases with time)


PJMT User Survey

In May 2021, we surveyed PJMT students and faculty who use Pluaris Know to help with their daily information gathering as well as research projects.


Panchanan Jena Memorial Trust (PJMT) operates many colleges in India. They envision a society full of joy and vivacity where the poorest of the poor student will be assured of the bare necessities for survival and a society without any discrimination on ground of caste, class, race, region, or religion.

education assistant platform
education assistant platform survey

Before Pluaris Resolve

Raw Data and Information Gathering is time consuming and laborious.

All the content must be read manually with reading speeds averaging about 300 words per minute. Just reading alone is time consuming leaving very little time for knowledge assimilation and its application. Also, in the last two decades, the amount of information and the mechanism for gathering raw data has increased. This places more stress on knowledge assimilation.

Comparing different documents to better understand a topic.



Notes are written manually by students. First, this is time consuming and secondly, they are individualistic and may miss key points.



Learning from each other is restricted to in-person, email, or over the phone. This is slow and encroaches on others’ time.

After Pluaris Resolve

Save nearly 2 hours daily by using topic monitoring to find the most relevant information in real-time.

Pluaris Know extracts key points that are very relevant. This abstract allows students to read via key points in more details. Additionally, users follow a natural path of inquisitiveness retrieving answers by asking questions or reading supportive information on the question asked. Knowledge assimilation is a sought-after activity adapting to individual ways and techniques.

Pluaris Know has a functionality called Benchmarking. It displays different documents with their key points for students to understand the context from different point-of-views or when the same points are presented differently.

Pluaris Know has a built-in Notepad where users can create their own notes by simply clicking on key points. In addition, key points are extracted based on previous interactions with content. Hence, it helps in raising the level of knowledge or the application of knowledge by presenting points that were frequently used or analyzed in the past.

With Plauris Know, users can share and collaborate with each other 24/7 as per their convenience. And they can collaborate in real-time working together on dossiers, project discussions, reports, and more.


The Results

Nowigence has built an array of capabilities centered around innovations in Auto Machine Learning, Data Unification, Data Science, and Natural Language Processing (NLP), all combined with a focus on delivering diagnostic, predictive, and prescriptive insights for users across functions in any organization. We automate reading and comprehension of data, be it text-based, image, sound or numerical with a “Google-Like” integrated intelligent AI Engine called PluarisTM.  It contextualizes what it reads from millions of documents from your private or public data sources.

student using education assistant solution

2 Hours

Saved each day finding information

> 80%

Increase to career preparedness
(team collaboration, critical thinking, & analytical skills)

Our ready-made solutions sync with your workflow.

No coding or specialized skills required!

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AI platform, Pluaris powered by NLP and ML techniques