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Our education platform streamlines the way students, teachers, and administrators gather information, share knowledge, and foster advanced learning.

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When You Know, You Know

Today, students and educators are overwhelmed with the amount of new and existing data available to them. Before Pluaris Know, there was no solution to help students and faculty solve the problem of gathering and understanding the most relevant and critical information. With Pluaris Know, users easily and quickly collect the information from topics they need, extract key insights from large documents, and seamlessly share knowledge with peers so more time is spent on critical analysis and less time on research.

Information Gathering

Gathering the right information in the least amount of time is one of the driving factors behind our education platform, Pluaris Know. As a result we use the advanced technology of our AI engine, Pluaris, NLP and ML techniques, and cutting-edge linguistic models to understand the “what, why, when, who, where, how, and how much” behind each piece of information brought into your system.

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Sharing & Collaboration

We’ve found that more enlightened critical thinking occurs when users are able to “get on the same page.” For instance, students can share what they’ve learned on various topics, teachers can communicate assignments, projects, or updates, and administrators can adjust curricula or make announcements on-the-fly. We’ve made this possible inside one education platform, to create a seamless experience for the betterment of the entire group.

Advanced Search

Ask Pluaris Know a question at any time and within seconds it will search through all of the information or documents you’ve collected, shared or created notes, integrated systems, and external intelligence to bring you the most relevant answer to your questions. On top of that, it links to other information that might be helpful.

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Topic Tracking

One of the key feature’s students and teachers use is Topic Monitoring. They’re able to automatically collect information throughout the year on broad or specific topics. Generally, teachers use this as a way to get new ideas for lectures. Students spend less time collecting relevant information last minute, which leads to improved critical thinking performance on papers and group projects.

Integrate With All Your Tools

We’ve made uploading documents even easier! And users can connect to different applications or systems they already use to extract key intelligence or get answers to questions fast. We use REST APIs and the latest industry standards for data security to comb through all the information you need to connect to make finding what you need more efficient.

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Accelerate the way students learn, teachers teach, and Administrators lead.

Top Educators Rely on Pluaris Know to Enhance Learning

Our education platform is disrupting the education sector, the same way the calculator did. With so much information being created on a daily basis, students and educators need an easy solution to sort through “the noise” and find what’s most important. Pluaris Know is a learning accelerator built to modernize the way information is collected, leading to elevated critical thinking skills and knowledge absorption.

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Where Can I Use Pluaris Know?

Stand-alone Platform
for Each User

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Administrative Support Platform

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Understanding what's most important to you is our number one priority and we take the time to learn more about the best way to implement Pluaris Know.

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Pluaris Know is ready to accelerate learning from Day 1. We'll add your data or integrate with your databases and systems that will give you the most benefit to your users.

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See how easy it is to strengthen your knowledge, reduce workload, and augment students and faculty with the help of our advanced technology, Pluaris Know.

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We Didn't Invent the Learning Accelerator...

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Typical learning accelerators or education platforms can take six months to two years to finally become beneficial for institutions. However, we decided that standard wasn’t good enough, so our data scientists and education experts created an AI-powered learning accelerator that is ready to use from day one. The great thing is Pluaris Know becomes even more beneficial as you use it!

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