Reinvent Your Education Solution

Accelerate the way students, teachers, and administrators analyze data, find the correct information, and retain knowledge

Our all-in-one education solution, Pluaris Know, combines all your audio, video, pdf, text documents, and knowledge banks into one platform to fuel critical thinking and problem-solving.

AI platform, Pluaris powered by NLP and ML techniques

One Education Solution for All

Competing education platforms generally focus on either student to teacher interactions or administrator-to-faculty interactions. With Pluaris Know, we focused on one platform that an entire institution could benefit from. Educators need a way to easily collect massive amounts of information from various knowledge repositories, and then streamline how content is delivered to faculty and students. Students need an easy-to-use platform that gives them the capability to efficiently digest and absorb large amounts of the correct information. And then be able to complete assignments with the highest level of critical thinking and analytic abilities.

Accelerate Learning

Pluaris Know specializes in processing huge amounts of data, whether structured or unstructured, with human-like intelligence when delivering summarization, answering questions with an advanced information retrieval system, synthesizing reports, and simplifying note taking and collaboration when working in teams.

This encourages student-to-student and faculty-to-student collaboration in real-time to create a knowledge-focused institution.

education platform used by students

Real World Collaboration

Teachers can easily share lecture notes with students, administrators can send announcements that permeates through the entire institution, and students can quickly build their knowledge banks around topics that are most important to their studies.

Streamline Research

Pluaris Know makes it easy to find creditable information fast. Users love the summaries and critical insight that’s derived from large documents. Our education solution links topics together and buckets important intelligence into easily extractable points to significantly reduce research times and encourage more in-depth critical thinking.

woman using education solution to improve learning

Top Brands Powered by Our AI Platform

Our education solution is disrupting the education sector, the same way the calculator did. With so much information being created on a daily basis, students and educators need an easy solution to sort through “the noise” and find what’s most important. Pluaris Know is a learning accelerator built to modernize the way information is collected, leading to elevated critical thinking skills and knowledge absorption.

education platform used by Andrews University
education platform used by VSSUT
education platform used by PJCMT

Where Can Pluaris Know Be Used?

Stand-alone Platform for Each User

Integrated with an Existing Student Application

Administrative Support Platform

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