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Pluaris, by Nowigence, reads and analyzes articles, documents and other textual data, so that you can learn more in less time, uncover hidden insights, and stay on top of the information you need to know.

TL;DR - Too Long; Didn't Read

Virtually everyone needs to consume a tremendous amount of text-based information, in both our personal and professional lives, but staying on top of it and remembering it is challenging.

Pluaris works 24/7 to turn narrative-intensive information into scrollable intelligence, ensuring you focus on the information that is most important to you.

Nowigence app to fight information overload

Discover What You Never Thought Was Possible

Pluaris automatically scours the web for news articles based on your topics of interest, and monitors your drives and applications for updates.

Pluaris stores the extracted intelligence in a searchable database – you may forget what you’ve read, but Pluaris won’t. The intuitive interface makes it easy to drill down to whatever level of detail you require, revealing hidden insights.

Fight Information Overload

Pluaris is for those who want to read more in less time. Pluaris works around the clock, and can analyze hundreds of pages of text almost instantly.

It is a Personal Knowledge Management (PKM) tool that generates an annotated data feed based on your topics of interest, and automatically creates a permanent personal knowledge base from your feed and private uploads.

Nowigence uses Pluaris to gather information quickly
Nowigence's platform Pluaris helps you learn more in less time.

Improve Your Collaborations

Communication is hard and information is easily lost in translation, leading to duplication of effort in teams and across enterprises.

Pluaris makes it easy to synthesize and summarize the extracted intelligence into real insights, and then to share that with your team within a single platform.

With an institutional memory shared across your team, each member will be able to add intelligence to “one brain” so that no one is ever doing the same work or gathering information someone has already explored. Pluaris streamlines the way your team finds, extracts, recalls, and uses intelligence to make decisions or complete tasks.


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