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Use Case: Horizon Risk

Target Audience: CRO’s, Risk Managers, Frontline Risk Analysts

The Challenge:

Risk Management has always been an uphill battle for most organizations. Risks are typically associated with external events – a change in market conditions, political developments, competitor activities and a number of other scenarios that fall beyond the reach of the business. When businesses are unable to detect emerging risk on the frontlines, they lose their competitive edge in their market and potentially erode shareholder value. With greater connectivity, new economies, increased market disruption, and political unrest, it’s more important than ever to make informed decisions during critical events to reduce risk and ensure your organizations growth.

horizon risk management leaders conversing over deep intelligence from AI platform

The Solution:

With Pluaris, businesses are automating the way they detect risk on the frontline for reduced human-error and richer intelligence gathering. Risk professionals use the power of Artificial Intelligence to eliminate repetitive tasks, allowing their focus to be on extracting critical data that will have a greater impact on the business.

The Pluaris platform gives users the ability to assess data quickly and store analyzed events into its institutional memory for future benchmarking and trend analysis. No other AI platform gives users the ability to harmonize their internal and external data for deep intelligence.

Through novel Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing techniques, Pluaris reads and comprehends massive volumes of information and delivers decision-ready intelligence to its users in seconds. With real-time tracking and alerting risk professionals are able to quickly assess new data and make more informed, business-critical decisions.

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