Our Process

Nowigence can be thought of as a dynamic risk ‘Insight Factory’.  Starting with unstructured data, we utilize technology to turn the chaos into consumable insights always keeping our customers in a ready mode for actions.

1. Marketplace Ecosystem

A set-up comprising of your competitors, customers, suppliers, the products you buy and sell, the industries you operate in, topics, key leaders and experts that you follow and anything else you would like to track and trend.


2. The Raw Materials

Each and every day, we scour the web through hundreds of thousands of sources including private, public, blog posts, and social media. Information is short-lived and if not extracted in time and organized, its value is wasted. 


3. The Factory

We sift through tens of millions of news items every day to discern dynamic changes in external or strategic risk factors. Every pertinent news item is summarized and categorized. Data from news required for tracking and trending to determine its true impact over time is extracted. Our core strength is in extracting structured from unstructured content. Once data is in its organized form, it lends itself for insightful analysis, risk impact scores, early warning systems, and even predicting events and trends. 


4. The Outputs

We present external risk or strategic risk factors in a well-connected, insightful set of outputs. Confidence comes from anticipating risks; the path to knowing risks is Nowigence.  With simple and easy to understand visualization, we keep you ahead of the pace of change and complexity of today’s global markets.

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