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Pluaris™ to Automate IDMP Documents

A comprehensive IDMP software, backed by AI, which seamlessly brings in the necessary characteristics from various systems and databases to meet IDMP compliance.

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Key Benefits of Pluaris

IDMP Software

Remove manual data gathering, improve performance, and continually be compliant for IDMP standards.

Autom Compliance Checks

Pluaris automatically updates its system to stay ahead of evolving IDMP compliance to achieve harmonized product definitions and descriptions.

IDMP Documentation

New documentation is created based on IDMP regulations and formatted properly, accounting for substance, product, organization, and referential master data needed for IDMP compliance.

Backed by AI

Pluaris controls vocabularies and documentation to reduce human error and manual gathering of data.

What does Pluaris Solve?

Today's Challenge

Continual Compliance Checks

Siloed Product Information

Scattered Information

Human Error

Manual Data Gathering

No POC Needed

Value From Day One

Pluaris does not require a 3-4 month POC or project timeline. Our software connects to your existing systems, grabs the necessary information, and creates a report to submit for IDMP compliance. And Pluaris continuously updates its documentation as IDMP regulations evolve.

Standardize Product Information

Pluaris quickly and accurately extracts, standardizes, and structures thousands of data elements for each product.

Continued Compliance Checks

Pluaris continually checks IDMP regulations for new documentation requirements and standards.

Comprehensive Data Management

Pluaris pulls in information spread across various systems and databases to create IDMP compliance documents.

Ready to Use From Day One

What Data Is Gathered?

Data is broken up between Medicinal Products, Clinical Particulars, Pharma Particulars, Ingredients/Substances, Packaging and Manufacturing. There are approximately 250 data fields collected within those buckets, depending on your organization.

The amount of data required for IDMP quickly adds up when you consider its entire complex structure.

This information describes:

    • What a product is
    • Where it is authorized
    • How it looks
    • Where its ingredients and parts come from
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Who Is Involved?

There must be an extremely high level of collaboration between departments to assure compliance.

To Meet IDMP Compliance

Senior-level stakeholders from all departments that touch the data, including C-suite executives, should have a hand in the process.

Team Alignment

Alignment and planning activities should be organized and implemented to include all relevant groups within the business so that each team member collaborates effectively while understanding the end goal.

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