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Our NLP Engine powers decisions across a multitude of industries


Whether you are a commercial bank, an insurance company, or a financial business it all boils down to the numbers. Determining the right product or service for your customer requires the right information. When data is spread across numerous systems it makes it difficult for your employees and the business to run efficiently. With KYC (Know Your Customer) briefings and on-the-fly analytics, Pluaris delivers the insight you need to make the most important financial decisions for your customers. Reduce error and increase efficiency with Pluaris.

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manufacturing tool


Manufacturers have lagged behind other sectors in adopting new technologies. Their customers are typically other manufacturers or distributors to get their products to market, and up until now they didn’t need a more strategic view. Pluaris gives manufacturing companies the advantage of more accurate forecasting of product demand and production, a better understanding of plant performance, and faster service and support to customers.

Life Sciences

The Life Sciences sector is an ever-evolving business landscape. Biopharma and medtech organizations are in a constant struggle identifying value from the massive volumes of data available to them. Pluaris is making drug discovery and development more innovative, time-effective, and cost-effective through our novel machine learning techniques. Our platform helps leaders detect key intelligence within seconds and Pluaris makes it easy to share information across different areas of the business from researchers to executives.

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different sports teams using ai

Sports and Entertainment

People are buying tickets to today’s events expecting to be entertained and the responsibility of sports entities is evolving. It is essential for these businesses to react quickly to new trends and also take calculated risks in predicting them. Organizations that implement Pluaris gain insight into their next strategic move, sometimes even before they know they have to make it, which can pay dividends in the long-term success in sports and entertainment industry.

Risk Management

Organizations require risk management plans to consider potential risks or events before they occur. With the burden of needing to understand a wide variety of threats, including financial uncertainty, legal liabilities, strategic management errors, accidents, and natural disasters these organizations are looking for error-free and more automated solutions. For digitized companies add on an additional layer for monitoring IT security threats and data-related risks. Pluaris becomes the solution of choice for supporting a fully comprehensive risk management strategy. With automated risk monitoring, real-time threat alerting, and harmonized intelligence both internally and externally, organizations can quickly control and assess threats, save money, and protect their future.

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