Information Gatherers Use Case

“I need to find the right intelligence, without spending hours conducting research.”

What's Important to Information Gatherers?

  1. Monitoring Topics

  2. Gathering Information

  3. Analyzing Information

  4. Forming Conclusions

What's Their Goal?

Collect intelligence from trusted sources to come to the most accurate conclusion in less time.

information gatherers app
Information gatherers platform

Monitoring Topics

Intelligence When You Need It

Information Gatherers used to gather intelligence by running web searches, conducting interviews, or manually reading books, encyclopedias, or journals.

With Pluaris, we remove the manual process of gathering information. You can add the topics you want to monitor and Pluaris automatically extracts intelligence from those topics every day. It automatically creates summaries and extracts key points from every piece of information. This makes it easy for Information Gatherers to find the key information and accurate sources they were looking for.

Pluaris automatically monitors topics that are important to you, and it summarizes it for you for quick skimming.


  1. Information on the open web
  2. Information you uploaded
  3. Information from your GDrive or One Drive (connect one or multiple applications where your data is stored.)

Gathering Information

Gathering Set to Autopilot

Information Gatherers used to collect information by writing it down on different pages within a notebook or would copy and paste text into different documents. Much of the intelligence they gathered would be lost or unorganized.

We changed that with Pluaris and made one easy-to-use platform for taking notes and storing information. Whether you’re monitoring topics or benchmarking an idea, information is collected, summarized, and ranked with each point easily moved to a note with one-click of the mouse. Gathering information has never been easier.

Information gatherers for monitoring topics
Information gatherers analysis app for finding intelligence.

Analyzing Information

Turn Information into Intelligence

Information Gatherers used to analyze information by manually reading text, listening to podcasts, or watching videos and keeping track of their notes. With the help of custom algorithms that match your preferences over time, information that is most relevant and most important ranks higher, therefore saving you hours of sorting through the clutter.

Pluaris gives Information Gatherers the ability to store and recall all the information they collected in one place. And they can easy compile their intelligence into notes with one-click.

Forming Conclusions

From Doing to Done

Forming conclusions and making decisions is the ultimate goal of an Information Gatherer. And manually reviewing all the notes that have been compiled and then combining them into one note takes too long!

With Pluaris all the intelligence you gather is compiled into one note, making it easier to finalize your conclusions or come to a decision faster. And everything is stored within your My Memory, so you can easily search and recall what you’ve found in the future.

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The Solution for Collecting More Intelligence in Less Time

Information Gatherers use Pluaris to efficiently gather and analyze intelligence on the topics they need to develop the most accurate conclusions.

An App For The Information Gatherers

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