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Upload large documents and Pluaris Insight automatically extracts key points, so you spend less time finding the right information.

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Whether you want to gather intelligence or simply extract key points, Pluaris Insight makes it easy to understand the information you need in less time.

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  • Document Uploader
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  • Notebook
  • + 1GB Storage


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  • + 4GB Storage

Easily extract key points from Word documents, PDF’s, notes, or reports to reduce the amount of time it takes to read large documents and understand the information. From the extracted key points users can add to a presentation, finalize a report, create a blog, write a paper, or use however they need to complete their job or project faster!

Ask questions against extracted key points, just like searching for answers stored within your memory.

Store all your extracted key points, notes, and intelligence you gather in one place. 

Quickly pull key points into a note to add to a presentation, finalize a report, create a blog, write a paper, or use however you need to complete your job or project faster!

Upload multiple documents at once. Use the dynamic capability of Google Drive to always have the most updated information in your Memory.

Conduct research around one topic and quickly pull key points into a note to finalize projects or research faster than ever.

tThe User profile gives users the ability to track external topics and are stored for 30 days within My Memory.

Increase the amount of data stored within My Memory.

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Pluaris Insight

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Pluaris Insight automatically extracts key points from large documents and stores them within your Memory. Then use those key points however you need; presentations, blogs, documents, or reports.

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