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The Problem

Over the past decade the amount of data for businesses to understand has grown exponentially. For humans, there is too much data to read and comprehend, it’s spread across too many systems, and is stored within too many silos. As more and more IT tools are added to an employee’s daily workflow, timely analysis of information slow decision-making and can stunt growth for the business.

We Need Your Support

Our Solution

Our AI Robot, Pluaris™, combines the data spread across different systems into one easy-to-use platform where users can easily understand, explore, and find the data they need.

There are three aspects to our platform that makes managing data easy for businesses:

  1. Information Retrieval
  2. Information Monitoring
  3. Information Accuracy

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Why We Need Your Support

Your Investment Will Help With

  • Sales, Marketing, and Business Development
  • Platform Development and Support
  • Customer Support and Operations
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“What sets Nowigence apart from other companies within the AI space is our platform is fully-automated and requires no human assistance. We taught machines to read and comprehend English in real-time.”

-Anoop Bhatia, CEO & President, Nowigence


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