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The Problem

There is too much information produced on a daily basis and not enough time to read and analyze what is relevant to you. As a business this can be the difference between executing on golden opportunities or missing out on quickly identifying potential risks.

At Nowigence, we are one of the first companies to develop a platform that mimics the human ability to read and comprehend data for you in real-time. Our objective is to be a virtual assistant tailored to meet the needs of every individual user who subscribes.

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Our Solution



Ingests all types of information in real-time and comprehends natural languages (human language) automatically.

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Continuously blends internal and external information 6,000 times faster than humans 24/7.



Drives optimized decisions, alerts users of risk and opportunity, and harmonizes with any workflow through integration with commonly used 1,500 IT platforms.

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Why We Need Your Support

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“What sets Nowigence apart from other companies within the AI space is our platform is fully-automated and requires no human assistance. We taught machines to read and comprehend English in real-time.”

-Anoop Bhatia, CEO & President, Nowigence


A Unique Opportunity To Invest In The Artificial Intelligence Space

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