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Nowigence Inc.

Pluaris, by Nowigence, reads and analyzes articles, documents and other textual data, so that you can learn more in less time, uncover hidden insights, and stay on top of the information you need to know. It helps individuals, teams, and enterprises distill massive amounts of textual data converting them into bite-size nuggets of intelligence in a short span of time.

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Our Uniqueness

AI solution for businesses

The AI Marketplace

Our view of the market is that AI using ML/NLP techniques is currently a project-based service industry. Clients hire coding engineers, data scientists and project managers to scope the requirements of a specific use case in the form of technical specs which is then converted into a solution. This consultancy-based approach is not scalable. From a customer’s perspective it is expensive, time-consuming and does not guarantee success.


Nowigence has created Pluaris, a subscription-based SaaS product platform that quickly adapts to the needs of its users. Pluaris is used across different functions and sectors. This product approach allows the client-side users to work with the product from Day One. Some outputs for end-users will require configuration at additional costs. This however does not require a huge budget or big project plans.

The second aspect that is unique is that Nowigence is among the first few companies that allow users direct access to the database. Most other cognitive information retrieval engines allow access from an intermediate interface where human-controlled quality screening have already ascertained the accuracy of the results. Operating directly from the database provides two main benefits for the users. The first is that the output is in real-time or near real-time depending upon the frequency at which the data is refreshed. The second is that data anomalies are detected faster and are corrected in the database to prevent propagation of erroneous data. Our algorithms allow users to get to quality outputs faster than other competitive service offerings.

Also, as in every hyped industry, many vendors use the term AI or Machine Learning (ML) or Natural Language Processing (NLP) to attract attention. However, many use offshore resources to manually create outputs with little or no technology deployment. This field is relatively new and talent paucity exists. Pluaris delivers results in real time or almost real-time.

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