Knowledge Seekers Use Case

“I wake up every day determined to acquire as much knowledge as I can.”

What's Important to Knowledge Seekers?

  1. Exploring Information

  2. Gathering Information

  3. Analyzing Information

  4. Retaining Knowledge

  5. Recalling Knowledge

What's Their Goal?

Learn the most in the least amount of time

Knowledge seeker app
Knowledge Seeker platform

Exploring Information

Discover What You Never Thought Was Possible

Knowledge seekers used to explore information by running web searches, skimming the newspaper, or setting Google Alerts for keywords.

We changed that with Pluaris and make finding new topics and exploring information way easier and less time consuming. Use Pluaris to greatly reduce the tedious manual process of finding what you actually want to learn. It’s like Google Alerts but we go one step further!

Pluaris automatically monitors topics that are important to you, and it summarizes it for you for quick skimming.


  1. Information on the open web
  2. Information you uploaded
  3. Information from your GDrive or One Drive (connect one or multiple applications where your data is stored.)

Gathering Information

From Manual to Automatic

Knowledge seekers used to gather information from a multitude of sources and either take notes or try to remember.

More times than not they will misplace their notes or not remember what they were trying to learn. We changed that with Pluaris and made one easy-to-use platform for taking notes and storing information.

Pluaris automatically gathers information whether that’s through topic monitoring or an open search. Information is collected, summarized, and ranked so you can quickly compile intelligence into notes within the platform and information will never be lost.

Knowledge Seeker Sharing App
Analysis within Pluaris

Analyzing Information

Turn Information into Intelligence

Knowledge seekers used to analyze information by manually reading text, listening to podcasts, or watching videos.

With the help of custom algorithms that match your preferences over time, Pluaris determines which information is most relevant to save you hours of manually sorting through the clutter.

Pluaris automatically ranks information on each topic you want to explore, then creates summaries and key points that are easy to read.

Retaining Knowledge

Peace of Mind

All intelligence either uploaded, automatically gathered, or created is stored within your My Memory (their storage).

Knowledge seekers work hard to find the information they need. With standard tools or manual processes, gathered intelligence can be lost or dispersed across many sources.

With Pluaris, every summary, key point, and note is stored within a user’s memory.

Knowledge seekers retain knowledge with Pluaris
Knowledge Seeker Recalling Knowledge

Recalling Knowledge

Always "In The Know"

Search on any topic, thought, or question to quickly understand previous knowledge or find new intelligence.

When Knowledge Seekers want to jog their own memory on a particular topic or need to take a deeper dive from their last analysis, Pluaris offers three ways for them to recall their information.

Each of these features give Knowledge Seekers the ability to choose how they want to explore their data:

  1. Ask Me – Knowledge Seekers use Ask Me to find answers to a particular question and find supporting sources and information for that question.
  2. Benchmark – Knowledge Seekers use Benchmark to further their analysis and compare different topics or different ideas within the same topic.
  3. Simple or Advanced Search of their My Memory – Knowledge Seekers search their My Memory to jog their own human memory on the topics they are monitoring.

The Solution for Learning More in Less Time

Knowledge seekers use Pluaris to quickly and effectively explore, gather, analyze, retain, and recall information, so they can turn their insights into knowledge.

An App For The Knowledge Seeker

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