Legal Professionals Use Case

“I need to sort through information quickly to find what I need to build my case.”

What's Important to Legal Professionals?

  1. Monitoring Regulatory and Compliance Requirements

  2. Gathering Information

  3. Analyzing Information

  4. Building Their Case

What's Their Goal?

Understand everything they need to know about a case in less time.

Legal professional app
Legal professional application

Monitoring Regulatory and Compliance Requirements

Hitting a Moving Target - Easy!

Legal Professionals used to have a team of regulatory and compliance specialists to stay up to date with current local, state, and federal policies.

With Pluaris, Legal Professionals automatically and continuously monitor the requirements they need in real-time; it’s like Google Alerts, but with additional intelligence.


  1. Information on the open web
  2. Information you uploaded
  3. Information from your GDrive or One Drive (connect one or multiple applications where your data is stored.)

Gathering Information

Real-time eDiscovery

Legal Professionals used to have to manually read through documents associated with a case or they would spend time searching through eDiscovery platforms using keywords.

Pluaris connects Legal Professionals to the systems and databases they need to find automatically summarize long documents and allows them to search or benchmark topics using semantic search, which is a more extractive and interpretive way of finding the right information compared to keyword-based search.

Pluaris is a real-time eDiscovery platform that greatly reduces the time it takes to build your case.

Legal professionals real-time eDiscovery App
Legal professionals analyzing information

Analyzing Information

Turn Information into Intelligence

Legal Professionals used to have to manually read through hundreds, if not thousands, of documents to get a complete picture when building a strategy for a case.

Pluaris helps Legal Professionals greatly reduce the amount of time it takes to read through documents; it’s like Spark Notes but for any document, no matter the size. Key points, summaries, and all the people, places, and things will be extracted from every sentence. Key points are easily pasted into notes with one-click to speed up the analysis process.

Build Your Case

From Doing to Done!

Legal Professionals used to manually go through every document they had and highlight the important findings, aggregate them into different ideas, and formulate their brief and oral argument.

With Pluaris, Legal Professionals can extract their key points and summaries into their organized notes with one-click. Notes are easily formatted and exported into a PDF to be sent as their brief or used as their oral argument.

Legal professional platform

The Solution for Understanding Your Entire Case in Less Time

Legal Professionals use Pluaris to streamline the eDiscovery process and understand everything they need to know about a case in less time.

An App For The Knowledge Seeker

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