Legal and Regulatory Risk

Legal: Nowigence assesses and tracks legal risks at the company level.  Legal risk is often made public and is always distracting. It can be caused by a myriad of different actions including employee misconduct, corporate or product liability, contract litigation, etc.

Nowigence tracks and trends legal patterns amongst competitors- leadership gains insight into potential legal issues, is alerted as they emerge, and can track the pattern over time. With our tool, strategy leaders can assess their current vulnerability and decide whether action is needed. 

Regulatory: Anytime an administrative branch within a government is increasingly active, it is a frightening time for business leaders. When new regulatory factors are introduced into an industry, it means a whole new set of compliance processes within an organization must follow. Regulatory risk represents the uncertainty and potential impact of an organization’s actions.

Nowigence takes on regulatory risks at an industry level. By monitoring all regulatory activities at an industry level, we assist strategy leaders in ensuring they have a sound understanding of regulator expectations, view the challenges that competitors experienced when combatting new regulations, help to improve their own processes through benchmarking, as well as score the organization’s ability to adapt to these emerging risks over time.