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Harmonize massive amounts of data into nuggets of intelligence

Life Sciences

In 2020, there is around 40 trillion gigabytes of data (40 zettabytes), as per IBM. 90% of all data has been created in the last two years. Healthcare alone has nearly 1 zettabyte of data. R&D expenditure in healthcare is the highest. The objective in Lifesciences is to detect symptoms early. A case study in breast cancer alone states that cure by early detection costs $14,000 but late stage treatment is $61,000 – savings of over 75%. Is it possible to save over 30% in R&D by reducing the time spent in searching for the right intelligence or save overall healthcare costs through knowing best practices by early detection? Many organizations face significant data management issues that can be resolved by NLP/ML advanced Search and Smart tools from the day you subscribe to it.

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  • One-stop-shop for internal and external institutional knowledge, its retention
  • Instantaneous answers – from intra and public sources
  • Blend unstructured and structured data for cause-effect decisional modeling
  • Too much data confuses – Data Engine for the User, by the User, of the User
  • AI automation division/functional sites with links to tools, databases that are used daily
  • Error reduction – institutional knowledge for new employees for rapid onboarding, training, knowledge retention, up to date intelligence briefings on best practices