Nowigence helps manufacturing and service companies stay abreast of changes occurring in their external markets regarding their products, innovation, legal and regulatory, mergers and acquisitions, hiring trends, patents and other mission-critical attributes.

It helps each user to decide which prospects to reach out to, what product and service offerings to highlight at the right time and which communication methods will work best. It reduces churn, accelerates new sales closes, supports growth, and improves ROI.

Target Users:

Sales/Account Representatives/Managers

B2B Sales professionals make critical decisions every day, deciding which prospects to reach out to, what product and service offerings to highlight, and which communication methods will work best. We deliver to each sales rep rich content, available at their fingertips to best tailor the sales process for relevance and value.

  • Grow sales through new prospect identification

  • Reduce churn through up selling – tailored product/solution offering

  • Drive compelling value selling by benchmarking and baselining solutions for client’s issues and advantages compared to competitive product/solution offerings.

  • Deliver on goals and bring confidence in goal setting

Marketing Analysts/Managers

  • Connect market developments over time

  • Support scenario analysis for optimal resources utilization

  • Promote products through better and well-researched market branding and positioning.

  • Unite cross-functional teams

Buyers (Purchasing)

Procurement and purchasing teams are always under pressure to deliver more. More in terms of cost cutting – of course, but also more in terms of identifying new markets, managing supply chain risks, identifying new efficiencies and finding the best value without compromising on quality. With the workload ever increasing in amount and complexity, and no help in regard to additional headcount, the time is right for artificial intelligence (AI) to take a share of the burden.

  • Identify new suppliers

  • Reduce costs for new supplier development and due diligence

  • Identify supply chain risks across the entire value chain and not the first-tier supplier only.

“I like the Pulse Alerts and enjoy reading your comments about various future scenarios”

Owens Corning

“This keeps us prepared; sales part is good and can be taken as talking points for further actions”

Tech Mahindra

“The future trends have come out well”

Club Mahindra