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A Well-Oiled Machine

More accurate forecasting, improved plant performance, and faster service and support


Demand forecasts and supply plans become obsolete even during conception, crisis management and risk assessments are daily tasks. The amount of data created daily far exceeds human consumption capabilities. Inventory management under conditions of highly competitive market and changes in customers’ needs require seamless interface with price adjustments, shelf life, customer claims, regulatory, process optimization, continuous improvements, workflow automation and product developments. ERP systems are functional silos, hardly seamless. BI tools and data dashboards are too rigid or expensive to customize. Keyword-based application just presents a bunch of files, demanding your time to read in order to find information that’s valuable and relevant.

Dashboard in Pluaris


  • NLP Search Engine ready anytime, anywhere
  • Integrated and automated risk assessment – complete value chain across functions
  • On-the-fly briefing/alerting – internal and external data
  • User-controlled Data Support Engine – one stop shop
  • Digital Transformation with Data Harmonization…not Data Swamp
  • Blue Ocean Analytics – smart, flexible outputs blending structured and unstructured data