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Monitor topics, explore data, share findings, and collaborate without stepping on each other’s toes.

Improve Productivity - Efficiency!

With real-time data and dynamically updated notes, your team will be fully equipped to make impactful decisions, fast!

Pluaris Teams for robust knowledge sharing
Pluaris Teams improves the efficiency at which your team gathers and shares information

Knowledge Sharing - Teamwork!

Two brains are better than one using Pluaris Teams! With robust knowledge sharing you can send someone on your team intelligence you’ve collected, notes from a meeting, or news they might find useful.

Why Choose Pluaris?

Unlike most of our competitors, Pluaris Teams is ready to go from day one; there is no custom project or timeline.

Pluaris Teams adjusts to your groups ever-changing needs through our state-of-the-art no code editing system, giving you flexibility without hiring engineers!

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Improve Your Teams Information Experience Forever

The old way of gathering information is too time consuming, why not learn more in less time?

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, in the current version of Pluaris each user can integrate Google Drive within their platform. Team and Enterprise users are able to add the necessary applications they need at an addition cost. 

Pluaris is ready-to-go from day one for searching for information within public sources. For private sources, users need to integrate their applications before private sources are searchable.

Pluaris is very easy-to-use, and we also provide documentation, short videos, and support to answer any questions you have.

Sharing is available for Pluaris Teams and Pluaris Enterprise users. You can select one or multiple team members to share with.

For Individual users, only you will be able to see information added to Pluaris. For Teams and Enterprise users, you have the option, when uploading, to have items stored in your personal memory or a shared memory. Notes created within Pluaris are automatically set to be private, unless that user shares with another team member.

Yes, Pluaris Individual and Pluaris teams both have 15-day trials. After 15 days if you do not cancel your card will be automatically charged for the annual subscription price.

The current version of Pluaris supports English, however we are working on adding other languages to future versions.

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