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6 Components To Move Knowledge Forward With Pluaris

Nowigence is the creator of Pluaris™, a cloud-based app that allows individuals, teams, and enterprises to quickly distill knowledge from massive amounts of textual data, both public and private. By integrating state-of-the-art data processing techniques in an intuitive interface at an affordable subscription price, Pluaris puts the power of Data Science in the hands of consumers.

#1 Diversified Inputs

Data Science separates numerical data from textual or conversational data. Numerical data is structured, making it easy to organize and conduct statistical analysis. However, unstructured data is difficult to organize or analyze.

We use machines to comprehend both types of data.

Structured Data:

  • Tabulated & Organized


  • Text
  • OCR (Image)
  • URL
  • Digital Books (w. DRM)

We support these file types:
.pdf, .doc, .dox, .txt, .jpeg, .jpg, .png, .csv, .xlsx

Pluaris: An App for Knowledge Seekers

Choose Data Sources

Pluaris Automatically Distills Knowledge

Learn More In Less Time

#2 Automatic Information Retrieval

Pluaris accesses over 170 thousand public sources to retrieve information.

Plus, with pre-built connectors integrating your private data systems, Pluaris continually builds intelligence on the topics you care about most without you lifting a finger!

Pluaris extracts intelligence on everything related to each topic from external and internal data sources in real-time. It processes information quickly to save you tons of time compared to manually reading each piece of information separately.

Pluaris for information retrieval

Choose Topics & Uploads

Retrieve Daily Intelligence Automatically

Learn New Things You Would Have Never Been Able To Find

#3 Data Processing

Pluaris reads and comprehends content by opening millions of documents in real-time and extracts key summaries in seconds. Then it builds connections between topics, during reading, which makes Pluaris become extractive and interpretive when distilling knowledge from information. The backend contains highly advanced Machine Learning (ML) and Natural Language Understanding (NLU) models which serves users from different walks of life.

Diagram of Research Assistant Process

Our Process

We’ve modeled Pluaris to “learn” and “understand” the same way humans have from birth.

As children, our parents taught us words by object identification. Ex: this is a cup, or this is “momma”. We learn relationships. Ex: a dog barks. Then we learn the sequence of relationships, ex: a dog barks, then growls, then jumps, and then bites. This is interpretive since we now know that if a dog growls, then it’s more likely to bite than a dog that only barks.

We build a unique dictionary between words and their relationships for more accurate interpretations. We simplify the complexities of learning.

Information Comes Into Pluaris

Our Advanced ML & NLU Techniques Extract Named Entities and Link Ideas

Pluaris Creates Summaries and Key Points

#4 Data Exploring

Find nuggets of intelligence scattered throughout the open web or buried deep within your memory.

Pluaris gives you the capability to quickly get answers you won’t find on Google and drill into data that builds up every day. In many cases you will want to compare information: through benchmarking you can easily identify similarities and differences to know where you need to go next when thinking through an idea.


Highly Advanced Search Techniques:

nlp solutions for business intelligence

Data exploration is key to finding what you need when you need it. Within Pluaris, we’ve created a Google-like search, called Ask Me, that finds and retrieves information. However, unlike Google we are able to search through your internal memory and connected databases to bring you more relevant information.

Benchmarking is a feature of Pluaris that gives users the ability to cross-compare extracted information on any topic.

Ask A Question or Cross Compare Information

Easily Read Through Key Points and Summaries

Add To A Note or Dive Deeper Into One Topic

#5 Intelligent Outputs

Get the most out of Pluaris by checking analytics every day or setup a report sent directly to your inbox!

Daily Intelligence

To avoid information overload, Pluaris is designed to synthesize all the information you want to track. As soon as you login, you gain intelligence on what is happening in your ecosystem in one easy to understand dashboard.

competitive Intelligence reports

Push key insights to an easy to organize Notebook where you can input, store, and recall information on any topic. With one click you can send key points directly to an Activated note, no copying and pasting involved. We make it simple to organize your thoughts and never forget the intelligence you find!

Build Reports & Push Information To Notes

Get Outputs On Demand

Stay In The Know

#6 Share & Collaborate with Teams

Our sharing and collaboration features work dynamically across platforms, so you can share notes, documents, or any intelligence you’ve found.

Pluaris Teams is a great way to continually build your team’s “brain” and avoid duplicating work. Once shared with someone, they can see what information is being updated, can add comments, or work on information gathering together.

Business intelligence tool for teams

Gather Information

Share Intelligence Among Team Members

Bring Increased Productivity and Insight to Your Team

Knowledge Seeker platform

“I wake up every day determined to acquire as much knowledge as I can.”

A Use Case For Knowledge Seekers

Information gatherers platform

“I need to find the right intelligence, without spending hours conducting research.”

A Use Case For Information Gatherers

Legal professional application

“I need to get sort through information quickly to find what I need to build my case.”

A Use Case For Lawyers & Paralegals

AI learning accelerator

From Individuals to Large Teams

We offer subscription pricing and different tiers to meet your growing needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, in the current version of Pluaris each user can integrate Google Drive within their platform. Team and Enterprise users are able to add the necessary applications they need at an addition cost. 

Pluaris is ready-to-go from day one for searching for information within public sources. For private sources, users need to integrate their applications before private sources are searchable.

Pluaris is very easy-to-use, and we also provide documentation, short videos, and support to answer any questions you have.

Sharing is available for Pluaris Teams and Pluaris Enterprise users. You can select one or multiple team members to share with.

For Individual users, only you will be able to see information added to Pluaris. For Teams and Enterprise users, you have the option, when uploading, to have items stored in your personal memory or a shared memory. Notes created within Pluaris are automatically set to be private, unless that user shares with another team member.

Yes, Pluaris Individual and Pluaris teams both have 15-day trials. After 15 days if you do not cancel your card will be automatically charged for the annual subscription price.

The current version of Pluaris supports English, however we are working on adding other languages to future versions.

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