Pluaris™ is an AI platform tailored to meet your sales intelligence needs and assist you in achieving your goals and objectives. Pluaris™ helps you prioritize more effectively, develop insightful communication, build relationships, and plan for the future.

Sales Planning

Sales planning is a huge endeavor for businesses. Not only does it involve many contributors from different functions but it is also complex, requiring a shared understanding of the market. Without a shared and objective understanding of priorities, it is difficult to get optimal results. Pluaris™ helps you identify new ideas, new dependencies, and plan for events that are likely to occur in your market.

2019 September

Week 4

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New Opportunity Identified

Company: Saint-Gobain

Driver: €85 million float line investment to increase the production of glass for the needs of the construction and automotive industry by 25%.


Prospecting is most profitable if the opportunity is identified ahead of time. The more a salesperson knows about their clients, the better they can tailor the sales experience and increase their chance for success. Pluaris™ not only provides intelligence to enrich sales discussions but also actively learns from the current customer base, their features and actions, and then determines their nearest “business neighbors” or prospects.

Scenario Analysis

There are many assumptions made while developing a future plan, which creates bias and leads to poor decision making. Pluaris™ allows you and your team to track events likely to occur in your market that are significant to achieving your objectives. Pluaris™ then scans the external environment, enriched with internal intelligence constantly, to identify risks and opportunities helping you gain a competitive advantage.

Predicted Sequence of Events

Spinoff Announced
Form-10 Filing
Raise Funds
Introduce Leadership
Spinoff Complete


Alerts are intended to trigger action. Pluaris™ allows you to set your own conditions for alerting across various business attributes. Our alerting system is unique because it’s built off of your own institutional memory. A healthy institutional memory learns from previous events and trends, to predict different scenarios. A confidence interval is assigned to the scenario that is most likely to occur, helping you prepare for the future. It then monitors the progress to detect shifts in trends to help in reassigning priorities.

Dossiers and Research

Time waits for no one. Pluaris™ always keeps you prepared. Whether you are attending an internal meeting; preparing for negotiations; meeting a prospect, a dossier on your topic of interest is available at a click of a button. Stay abreast of all changes, and objectively prepare for any meeting.

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