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Reading & Comprehension is a Basic Skillset for Humans

Humans Can’t Process Excess Information, Especially If It Isn’t Logically Structured, Takes Too Long, Or Is Unclear


Real-time data acquisition by integrating IT tools used as part of your daily workflow and Pluaris scrubbing 170K different press and media sources to automatically read and comprehend content both textual and numeric based.


Analyze data 6,000 times faster than humans in real-time. Bring out the power of blending signals extracted from reading with number-based datasets. 90% of your data is textual (unstructured) which may have been processed manually but not through real-time objective driven automation.


Allow innovative AI to read and work even while you sleep. Wake up to a new morning looking forward to taking smart actions rather than rote tasks. Be always prepared to answer or present during internal or external meetings.

Pluaris reads and comprehends natural language and automatically processes massive volumes of structured and unstructured data in real-time. Without language or communication, no company in the world can run.

Pluaris declutters the way you do business, using AI and Machine Learning to extract external data and combine it with your internal data for more informed business decisions. As a result, business users become more efficient within their role, reducing administrative tasks by 21% and increasing achievement quotas by 34%.

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“I would start an AI company today whose goal would be to teach computers how to read, so that they can absorb and understand all the written knowledge of the world.”

– Bill Gates, Microsoft

With Pluaris...

  • Read & Work While You Sleep
  • Get Answers On The Fly
  • Maintain Customer Communication & Issue Resolution Manuals Up-to-date
  • Discover What You Don’t Know & Organize What You Do
  • Automatically Ingests Information to Build Your Institutional Memory
  • Get Live Briefings (No Human Bias) for Any Person at Any Level on Any Topic
  • Take Back Your 9 to 5 Work-Life Balance

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