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Data Harmonization
Changing Business Decisions

What is Pluaris?

Pluaris understands the context of written language and gives you the power to take your analysis of information far beyond human limitations. Our fully automated platform gives you comprehensive, trusted intelligence to support decisions.

Become one with your data

Pluaris can effectively classify data, identify risks and opportunities, extract insights, and other comprehension activities without facing any of the human limitations that create poor data quality. Pluaris connects to thousands of sources and comprehends context on a sentence level.

User-centric by design

Pluaris allows users to personalize all aspects of their data consumption. Users choose what information is important to them as well as what is shared across teams and their organization. Relevancy and personalization increases with every input.

Find the insights within

Pluaris is the world’s first AI platform to blend internal and external data. Our platform serves as your organization’s central knowledge repository. Unlike other software, the knowledge from each output is stored and recalled for each future output.

Diamonds in the rough

Pluaris delivers the intelligence you need before you even know you need it. With AI-powered alerting and tracking, you can stay on top of your ever-changing marketplace with peace of mind.

Pluaris puts the power of AI in your hands

Pluaris delivers personalization at scale, with the flexibility to adjust as your business needs change. Uncover hidden insights for better business decisions. Pluaris is ideal for business analysts and researchers who need:

  • Custom analysis and alerting
  • To fill the knowledge gap between teams
  • Improve relevancy, quality, and capacity of their research

Pluaris Use Cases

Horizon Risk

Foresee emerging risks to make faster action-oriented decisions so your business stays competitive within your market or industry.


Get automated sales intelligence to find warmer leads and no longer waste time analyzing the quality of prospects.

Strategic Risk

Failure to effectively monitor all aspects of risk jeopardizes your strategic development and success in the marketplace.

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Available Industries:

Mining | Utilities | Construction | Manufacturing | Retail Trade | Information | Finance & Insurance | Blockchain & Crypto