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We believe we are now at the dawn of the fourth industrial revolution with AI. It has a high component of technology innovation unlike any previous inventions.

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Press Releases

Digital Transformation

Nowigence,  Inc. Partners with Orion to Accelerate AI and Machine Comprehension Technologies

CHARLOTTE, NC (March 5th, 2020) – Nowigence, Inc., the leading provider of the world’s first fully automated contextual AI platform, announced today a strategic partnership with Orion Business Innovation (“Orion”), a premier global business and technology services firm, to accelerate the sales, research, and development of comprehensive AI-driven technology for enterprises.

AI for Investors

Nowigence Announces Regulation A+ Initial Public Offering

CHARLOTTE, NC (October 16, 2019) – Nowigence, Inc., the leading provider of an automated reading and comprehension AI platform, announced today that it seeks funding through the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) qualified Regulation A-plus (Reg A+) initial public offering (IPO) of Class A common stock.

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