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We believe we are now at the dawn of the fourth industrial revolution with AI. It has a high component of technology innovation unlike any previous inventions.

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Press Releases

November 10, 2022 in

Nowigence joins Algorand at Decipher 22 – the blockchain based creator economy conference in Dubai in the last week of November. Nowigence is collaborating with Algorand to create layer 2 Pluaris blockchain system with its own SDK for the users unleashed through Pluaris Platform. Announcement >>

September 13, 2022 in

B2B AI SaaS technology leader in automating reading and comprehension serving students, teachers, and salespeople in all subjects and sectors aims for growth and brings in Krishna Tammireddy as global CMO for the worldwide success.

June 28, 2022 in

Pluaris can instantaneously distill knowledge buried in narrative-intensive documents from both public and private sources. Case studies illustrate different ways this innovative platform can be used.

June 23, 2022 in

The audio news covers recent launch of its common stock trading on the OTCQB Venture Market, the mid-tier OTC equity market for developing companies in the U.S. and international markets.

June 18, 2022 in

Nowigence progresses full speed as customers like the Pluaris that delivers the combined power of an intelligent reader, intelligence gatherer along with a smart search engine.

June 15, 2022 in

Listing follows the successful launch of the Company’s commercial-scale AI turnkey SaaS in-real-time knowledge engine called ‘Pluaris.’

June 13, 2022 in

The announcement of the growth council aims to provide co-benefits to our customers with value-driven innovation in the fields of ML and NLP

June 7, 2022 in

EquiPPP to promote Nowigence products in India and help tailoring its core ML and NLP engine to develop IT and ITeSaaS products.

June 1, 2022 in

It’s a huge market opportunity for us, and it’s also coming at a time when information is just too much for people to process manually… From the CEO

May 27, 2022 in

Ability to distinguish yourself or your company from the competition comes by communicating clearly. Pluaris provides that capability to its users.

May 24, 2022 in

Gartner predicts that SaaS spending will reach $140B soon. It is good news for Nowigence, as its innovative solution is available as SaaS business model.

May 20, 2022 in

Pluaris uncovers hidden insights, annotates, categorizes, discovers connections, and even conducts sentiment analysis for huge data fed to it.

May 11, 2022 in

Nowigence was one of the finalists in KPMG’s Global Tech Innovator competition, to find innovators in USA with potential to become next tech titans globally.

May 6, 2022 in

Pluaris is the solution to the growing challenge of collaboration overload & allows to identify, organize and distribute info in uniform way for all to get  critical information.

May 3, 2022 in

Nearly 80 companies contested to be crowned the KPMG Private Enterprise Tech Innovator in the U.S. and Nowigence emerged one of the top in first 10.

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