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Impact the Bottom Line

Gain a more strategic and collaborative approach to procurement

Procurement Experts

Procurement continues to become more strategic and collaborative. However, lacking tools with real-time monitoring of external supply chain intelligence, internal demand changes, market dynamics and changing price indices of key materials are barriers to making sound procurement decisions. Organizations need accurate and reliable data, otherwise it carriers the risk that lead to inventory shortages, excess inventory, stoppages, higher costs that impact an organization’s bottom line directly. Pluaris assists procurement leaders to work better.

Nowigence AI Insight Platform


  • Reduce over 30% of time using AI to autofill pre-qualification specifications, conduct risk assessment on tenders submitted, get briefings on key negotiation points with each supplier and then create contracts that are comprehensive with lower risks
  • Develop up to date tracker on current strategies to maintain security of supply and cost changes (savings or increases)
  • Scan markets automatically and continuously, get timely and relevant alerts for early detection of supply chain or price risks
  • Deepen supplier relations by staying ahead of technology changes occurring in products through continuous learning and identifying areas to drive supplier performance for cost and quality optimization
  • Become a better coach and mentor developing an institutional knowledge for best practice sharing, reduce time to performance with new hires