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PluarisTM is an AI platform tailored to meet your informational needs and assist you in achieving your business goals and objectives. The purpose is to keep you informed, up to date, forward-looking, and ready to act, in order to manage future risks and opportunities.

Artificial Intelligence Platform + Pluaris
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SolomonTM is a tool developed for delivering answers to specific business questions in seconds. The objective is to be your internal, detailed, and comprehensive AI-powered search engine. Solomon™ is business-focused, great for your day-to-day projects, and quite helpful when needing quick answers during meetings.


ArtemisTM automatically reads, comprehends, and organizes data so that you don’t have to. The tool extracts data from both internal and external business-relevant content in order to identify differences in features, tactics, strategies, companies, and other topics. This is the gateway to creating your institutional memory.

Artificial Intelligence Platform + Artemis