For business professionals who want to spend less time managing and resurfacing emails, meeting notes, chats, transcripts, and press and media, Pluaris™ is a software that automatically reads and organizes information to be returned at the moment of need.

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At affordable subscription based pricing, you can get the benefits of premier web search engines like Google or Bing inside your business. However, Google cannot access information within your company. Pluaris™ creates a “google-like” AI platform, bringing with it powerful NLP techniques to comprehend information allowing you to analyze data in real-time not only from public sources but from standard business tools and workflows used internally.

Pluaris™ comprehends written and transcribed text from a myriad of sources whether it be externally published in press and media or available internally as the AI platform can be integrated with Outlook, Team Collaboration (Slack), CRMs (Salesforce or Microsoft Dynamics).

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