Reputation Risk

With the social and technological environment being at an all-time high, it is nearly impossible to keep up with the billions of conversations buzzing around the web every single day. Between social media, consumer/expert articles, product reviews, etc., the reputation of an organization, and its products, are constantly being projected across the globe. 

Nowigence brings forth value out of social media and other news items in a way which allows you to realize what impression(s) your brand, products, and competitors are leaving in the minds of the public. InsightTM uses pioneering technology to extract and analyze critical information from all relevant tweets and news items every day to:

  • Monitor campaigns, events, product launches, awards, industry experts and more
  • Trend consumer perception of your brand by connecting key concepts
  • Assess relevance, scope and severity of mentions across news and social media
  • Gain insight into consumer reactions to activity within your ecosystem