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Pluaris Insight modernizes the way professionals collect, store, and communicate information. An overwhelming amount of data is generated every day, so much so that no human would have enough time or brain capacity to sort out what’s important to them. We developed an “around the clock” research assistant, that sorts through all the information created externally or internally within your business to find the most important topics specific to you, the user.

Research Assistant Pluaris Insight

Your Futuristic Research Assistant, Now

There are no specialized skills or coding required to operate Pluaris Insight. Our easy-to-use AI platform is user focused and mimics some of the same operations you use today; for instance, using a search engine, adding items to your cart, or even creating a note. Our 24/7 research assistant makes it easy to filter out the noise of information and streamlines the way you prepare for a case, write a paper, conduct your research, read large documents, learn something new, or just find what you need quickly.

research assistant Pluaris Insight

Gather Intelligence

Whether you want to gather intelligence or simply extract key points, Pluaris Insight makes it easy to understand the information you need in less time.

Any Document Size

PDF or Word Documents

Annual Reports


Competitive Intelligence

Marketing and sales teams struggle to stay on top of their competitive intelligence gathering. Either their competitor lists are growing by the day or the amount of information is constantly changing. With our research assistant, teams are able to automatically build out competitive intelligence reports for the competitors, products, or industries they need. They no longer spend countless hours creating and organizing dozens of tabs within an excel sheet.

competitive Intelligence reports
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Topic Monitoring

Need to know everything that has been created lately on a specific topic? With Topic Monitoring, users benefit from Pluaris Insight automatically collecting information, storing the intelligence related to the topic, and then being able to quickly recall and analyze what they need. This intelligence can be sent to them in a report, viewed any time within My Memory, or they can ask one-off questions to get answers on-the-fly.


When you need an answer fast, there is no better research assistant to use than Pluaris Insight. Whether the answer lies within your data or is lost in the open web, our research assistant combs through every piece of information out there to deliver the best possible answer within seconds. Even better, Pluaris Insight suggests other information that may be helpful to support the answers you’ve found. You no longer waste time searching through pages and pages of websites or folders and folders of documents, you get the answers you need to complete your tasks instantly.

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Connect Your Resources

Integrations make uploading documents even easier! Users can connect to different applications or systems they already use to extract key insights or get answers to questions fast. Our research assistant integrates with other systems through a REST API and the latest industry standards for data security to comb through all the information you need to make finding what you need more efficient.

Information Gathering

Gathering the right information in the least amount of time is one of the driving factors behind Pluaris Insight. We use the advanced technology of our AI engine, Pluaris, NLP and ML techniques, and cutting-edge linguistic models to understand the “what, why, when, who, where, how, and how much” behind each piece of information brought into your research assistant.

mobile versions of pluaris AI powered nlp insight engine

Top Brands Rely on Pluaris Insight to Reduce Research Time

Our research assistant is used by top companies to simplify the way they handle data collection for research, legal cases, competitive intelligence, and compliance.

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What does Pluaris Insight Solve?

Today's Business Problems

Information Gathering Speed

Scattered Information

Knowledge Loss

Redundant Research

Competitive Intelligence Plus More!

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How To Get Started...

There are no special skills or coding experience needed to be able to use Pluaris Insight. It’s ready to go from Day 1!

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Upload Documents

Manually upload Word docs, PDFs, notes, and reports to Pluaris Insight.

Gather Key Points

Pluaris Insight automatically extracts key points from large documents and stores them within your Memory. Then use those key points however you need; presentations, blogs, documents, or reports.

Start with a discovery call

We’ll spend about 10 minutes discussing your needs, showing you the product, and setting you up with a test trial.

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