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Power Your Frontline

Our NLP Engine is changing the way organizations identify threats

Risk Leaders

Our NLP Engine allows organizations to control and understand key intelligence driving the success of the business. With Pluaris, risk departments are able to quickly identify the most important data points related to the business, then easily connect with business leaders to make informed decisions. Smart alerting and automated anomaly detect give users the power to identify risks before they become an issue so the organization is always protected.

Dashboard in Pluaris


  • Gain efficiency with automated risk assessments, impact scoring and prioritization across clients, contracts, internal audit findings
  • Let machines evaluate, report, share risk results from previous tactics to suggest mitigation plans across the entire landscape of risks – brand, economic, strategy, reputational, compliance, legal, regulatory, supply, cost, revenue, political and others.
  • Identify and develop best practices according to industry standards
    Effectively assist in internal audits
  • Continuously develop and harness institutional knowledge to detect anomalies and set systems for early warning detection

Use Cases:

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Audit Research

Increasingly, auditors are required to provide assurance over areas where their experience and knowledge is limited.

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Horizon Risk

Foresee emerging risks to make faster action-oriented decisions so your business stays competitive within your market or industry.

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Strategic Risk

Failure to effectively monitor all aspects of risk jeopardizes your strategic development and success in the marketplace.