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Quickly identify, understand, and respond to threats before they become issues

Risk Management

Business leaders and Risk professionals come under personal pressure if they miss a critical key event. Expanded Enterprise Governance Risk and Compliance (EGRC) requires the Board Of Directors to review and report the adequacy of Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) processes. As a result, risk analysis, internal audits and other relevant risk assessment tools have become major components of business strategy. In recent times, the millennials focus on environmental-friendly investments is leading to another discipline of Environment Social Governance (ESG). Regardless, risk scanning and risk comprehension tools are elementary or non-existent till now. 90% of data is unstructured, and few tools exist in the marketplace to cut through the “noise” and extract, interpret, score, and provide options to mitigate key risk elements.

Benchmark feature in Pluaris


  • Risk Scanning as continuous rather than todays’ “broken” discrete process
  • Automated identification, analysis, scoring and mitigation plans for emerging, strategy and reputational risks
  • Risk Aggregation, Anomaly Detection and High Impact Risk Alerting
  • Advanced Ask Me NLP Search for 80% time saving in audit prep, execution and audit reports
  • Adherence to risk management plans, policies and procedures
  • Comprehensive and complete on-the-fly risk briefings…anytime, anywhere

Risk Management Use Cases:

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Audit Research

Auditor’s preparation time reduces by nearly 80% with the ability to ask Pluaris questions on-the-fly and receive specific answers.

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Horizon Risk

Foresee emerging risks to make faster action-oriented decisions so your business stays competitive within your market or industry.

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Strategic Risk

Failure to effectively monitor all aspects of risk jeopardizes your strategic development and success in the marketplace.