Risk Management

External risks arise largely outside a company’s control. Rapid changes in technology, globalization and increased competition make it difficult for companies to effectively monitor, measure and mitigate the forever growing number of risks. A company’s ability to anticipate opportunities and effectively respond to risk is critical for an organizations survival.

​External risks cannot be managed through a rule-based system. Nowigence helps companies identify and measure risks and opportunities and to improve their ability to mitigate risk should they occur.

​Nowigence Value:

  • Helps companies avoid the problem of not recognizing risks and opportunities soon enough
  • Provides relevant data for continuously evaluating business strategy
  • Helps companies not only identify risk and opportunities, but also assess their potential impact
  • Reduces organizational bias when discussing risk and opportunities
  • Helps improve the number of successful initiatives

“I like the Pulse Alerts and enjoy reading your comments about various future scenarios”

Owens Corning

“This keeps us prepared; sales part is good and can be taken as talking points for further actions”

Tech Mahindra

“The future trends have come out well”

Club Mahindra