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Know Your Role

Our tailored NLP solutions are designed to meet the needs of any role within your organization

Every role in business requires reading and data comprehension. The quality of each role depends upon the reliability of data inputs, its analysis, and the way the intelligence is presented. The more we integrate your data input streams, the more powerful our AI Engine. Some APIs for integration are available in our off-the-shelf platform and we serve many functional domains. Experience over a 30% reduction, across every role, in searching for information and answering questions on-the-fly, and nearly a 50% reduction in prep time for meetings.

Business Leaders

Automated intelligence briefings powered by our NLP Engine save time and improve the quality of your organization’s knowledge on customers, competitors, products, your marketplace, and more! Easily motivate your organization with transparent top-down and cross-team knowledge sharing to keep them informed and make faster decisions to move the needle.

business leaders discussion ai solutions
team analyzing data using ai platform

Data Analysts

There is more data available and created now then we have the capacity to comprehend. Data analysts rely on Pluaris to comb through massive amounts of data in seconds to find them the exact intelligence they need at any given point. Our NLP Engine extracts information from your integrated internal knowledge systems as well as information available on the web to reduce research time, improve accuracy, and gives you a complete 360° view of your data within seconds.

Risk Leaders

New threats arise each day to challenge your organizations health. The challenge is being able to quickly identify new information and then know the correct solution to mitigate the threat or act on an opportunity. Pluaris automates the way your team stays informed within your ever-changing marketplace, so your organization is always protected.

risk leaders using an ai platform