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Increase Sales Performance

Pluaris increases efficiency in prospecting, knowledge sharing, and performance

Sales Leaders

Being a salesperson is likely a prerequisite for being an effective sales manager. But the skill set is quite a bit different than the skill set required for being a salesperson. Pluaris can help with reducing stress, hiring the right team, mentoring, rewarding right behaviors, promoting honesty, creating friendly competition, aligning team direction, encouraging independence with performance-focus.

Nowigence AI Insight Platform


  • Save 30% time in setting quotas and goals and tracking team performance
  • Increase time spent in mitigating risks, staying abreast of competitive tactics, identifying new strategies for innovation, customer acquisition, and leveraging industry trends
  • Reduce on-boarding time of new hires by over 50%; train through updated SOPs, best practice sharing, clear talk points on features and benefits versus competition
  • Establish leadership by reducing time to resolve customer issues, adjust pricing plans, understand changing customer needs, hone negotiation expertise and improve communication quality
  • Increase accuracy in projecting and forecasting quarterly and annual revenues

Use Cases:

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Competitive Lanscape

Timeliness and accuracy of competitive intelligence can often be the difference between a successful deal and a failed one.

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Get automated sales intelligence to find warmer leads and no longer waste time analyzing the quality of prospects.

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Strategic Risk

Failure to effectively monitor all aspects of risk jeopardizes your strategic development and success in the marketplace.