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Do you have a process to record and follow the digital footprint your customers leave scattered across the web and in published and social media?  

Shorter product life cycles, increased globalization, and advancements in technology play a large role in business commercial processes.  Consumers are more empowered now than ever with different options and information, that the quality and meaning of each consumer interaction has become a strategic imperative. 

InsightTM tracks over 50+ risk topics to aggregate, extract and analyze data in a way which provide a robust view of risk intelligence into a company’s customer base.  What do they really need?  And are there any major shifts in their target audience’s behavior? 

One of our clients, a Fortune 500 company offering B2B financial services, has over 10,000 customers. Without Nowigence, they have no way to search, store, identify, extract and track and trace the strategies and tactics of their customers. The search for actionable news in the "News of the Day" approach is laborious and often ignored even in smaller companies with fewer customers.

We help sales & marketing professionals tackle common risks in areas like:

  • Customer investment - an indicator for evaluating the demand of their product or service.
  • Demand pattern shifts due to any disruption or a new product introduction,
  • Consumer behavioral/requirement shifts
  • Pricing strategies
  • Gaps in sales planning vs performance
  • Lethargic sales cycles 
  • Individual account risks
  • Competing products
  • Prospect needs/pain points


  • Track their customer opinions through social media
  • Tweet scoring
  • Follow the shifting trends of each dynamic market you deal in
  • Visualize the various geographies affected by consumer behavior
  • Track shifts in customer behaviors
  • Monitor published and social media to assess gaps where consumer needs are not met 
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  • See trends before or as they emerge rather than after feeling the impact
  • Understand where you are vulnerable or susceptible to losing customers
  • Target customer conversations around their pain points/risks and how it relates to the products/services you provide
  • Read emerging markets and adjacent product/service applications in real-time
  • Improve sales closure rates
  • Use automated reports to develop individual sales strategies for each prospect
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