Sociopolitical Risk

Put the power of Nowigence to work for your business to identify, extract, measure, monitor and ultimately manage all sociopolitical risks within your marketplace. Although these risks cannot always be avoided due to litigation and compliance issues, with InsightTM they can be managed efficiently enough to minimize impact and continue normal business operations. Examples of sociopolitical risks tracked by Nowigence include and are not limited to- human rights risks, government intervention/regulation, public policy & perception and social climate risks.

One of our clients, an Indian IT giant, experienced quite a bit of turbulence before partnering with Nowigence late last year.  After Brexit and the US presidential election, the world's economy shook for a moment. They experienced their slowest closure rate in company history over the span of a quarter following the aforementioned events. Nowigence assisted them in navigating the storm, relayed industry specific alerts relative to this specific risk, and was able to help strategize on an individual prospect level, ultimately increasing closure rates.  

Nowigence puts the power of automated, data driven strategic risk management in the hands of businesses with InsightTM 

  • Analyze how other competitors around the industry are planning to act to mitigate these risks
  • React ahead of time to developing sociopolitical risks, putting your business in an optimal position for adaptation
  • Score and prioritize severity of sociopolitical risks
  • Benchmark yourself against the competition to assess strengths and weaknesses
  • Implement an early warning & alert system as critical developments occur
  • Take a holistic view of your sociopolitical environment through an external lens