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Sports and Entertainment

Have you watched a game of poker on television? During the game, the audience can see the researched probabilities of win for each player as the play proceeds. In a nutshell, you can witness the strategies and tactics (fear of losing, resources available, bias, statistical training and others) of each of the player. Like other sports, poker is competitive and result oriented. Global Sports industry is $1.3 trillion. The benefits of AI and Machine Learning along with its probabilistic models need to deliver almost in real-time. Speed, relevancy and accuracy of intelligence are paramount

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  • On-the-fly Risk Assessment
  • Continuous learning and benchmarking – every micro-second of play
  • Build institutional knowledge – by player, by team, by sport
  • Real-time virtual assistant for sport journalism
  • AI – Assistant support coach for anomaly detection
  • Enhanced customer service – offload phone calls and answer repetitive questions