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Use Case: Strategic Risk

Target Audience: CRO’s, Risk Managers, Frontline Risk Analysts

The Challenge:

Successful strategic development is contingent on extensive market research. However, most risk experts find it difficult to get complete, real-time, and objective market intelligence. In many cases, the information that is available comes in different formats and can be scattered across multiple sources. Many risk experts are relying on Artificial Intelligence (AI) to gather proper information, sort through data quickly, automate repetitive tasks, and resolve issues before they escalate.

Strategic risk planning for organizations using the power of AI

The Solution:

Pluaris is an essential AI platform used by risk experts to detect risks in real-time, quickly decipher the most relevant intelligence, and help businesses plan accordingly for potential threats or opportunities to act on. Pluaris has the unique capability to mimic the way the human mind analyzes, interprets, and stores information, however unlike the human mind, it can process massive volumes of data within seconds and then store intelligence to be recalled later as a way to benchmark future decisions. This has become ever so important in the Strategic Risk space as businesses need the ability to make agile decisions in a matter of moments instead of taking days to manually sort through information to make decisions.

With Pluaris, front-line and strategic teams work as one to detect and plan for risk. Through cross-functional sharing, teams create a more comprehensive strategy and easily unify gathered intelligence into an ever-changing strategic corporate plan. Our AI platform provides risk experts with real-time risk detection, reputation monitoring, M&A target identification, risk horizon scanning, and early identification of new market opportunities all at the frontline. Pluaris is an active learning platform that creates a more robust approach to the way companies, detect, plan, and make decisions pertaining to risk and opportunities for their market, and it harmonizes all that information into one easy-to-use tool.

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