Strategy and Growth

Strategic risk management must be a dynamic process, monitoring and updating risk assessment tools every single day. If it is treated as an activity that happens on occasion, critical risks in your marketplace will remain hidden until their impact is felt. InsightTM makes these processes a daily practice and provides a real-time view, identifying and evaluating how various incidents or forces of change will impact an organization’s performance.

Nowigence aims to further strengthen the working relationship between strategy/growth teams and risk officers. With both parties sharing various risks and growth ambitions across an enterprise-wide platform, strategic and growth is discussed in real-time, with a risk conscious approach, becoming a force multiplier for your strategic goals. Being able to anticipate different opportunities while monitoring to efficiently thwart off critical threats, is key for organizations to outperform the competition with emerging challenges while chasing growth ambitions.

By assessing ambitions and potential risks on the horizon and setting risk appetites collectively, teams whom collaborate with InsightTM mitigates all risks in the areas of:


  • Transform big data into information, and then insights enabling action- through unparalleled data extraction with our technology
  • We pick up and categorize data into 50+ business risk topics like innovation, pricing, geography, executive moves, patents, distribution, sales, financial info, capacity, demand, contracts, deals, strategic moves etc.
  • Company-wide platform to share items across team members
  • Automated SWOT reports
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  • Leverage global best practice signals for problem solving
  • Prevents costly or fatal business mistakes
  • Improve shareholder confidence with risk conscious growth strategies
  • Lead strategy discussions around eveidence-based risk/growth intelligence
  • Anticipate competitive trends rather than react
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